Monday, March 30, 2015


okay hold on there is too much going on!

-PORTER YATES!  CONGRATS BRO!!!  Peru!  Just so you know, I called it and wrote in my journal 4 days ago: "p.s. i think porter is going to peru."  Do i get a prize?  So so so happy for you.  I may or may not be bawling in internet right now..
I am so crazy happy right now because I know what is ahead of you.  I have so much to say and no time at all to say it.  p.s. the video didn't work, not sure if you can send it in a different form..?  Ask mom or dad how they usually send videos.  But wow, what did you think when you read your call??  If you are anything like me, you might not have thought anything.  haha i was a blank slate.... uhhh guatemala?  aight chill.  haha.  Probably because i had no idea what i was getting myself into.  Learn everything you can about peru but ill just tell you right now, it wont be anything like you were expecting.  You just have to go and live there.  More importantly, study preach my gospel and study your Book Of Mormon.  Pray your heart out.  The most important thing you can do right now is strengthen your own testimony and prepare for the work.  Isaac can and will help you :)  Give your heart to preparing and you will be grateful.  God knows you Porter, and He knows His children in Peru.  He knows what they need and He is hoping that you will be WORTHY, dilligent, and prepared in order to help His children come to know Him again. I love you so much! 
-Sophie good luck!!!!  You will kill it.  And if things don't go the way you hope, you already trust enough in Heavenly Father to accept His plan for you.  Seek Him in prayer and figure out what it is that He hopes you will learn from this experience, no matter what happens.
-Parasites round  7 woooo!!!!!  I think it's a blessing because a few days ago we were sick in the house and missed an appointment with the Familia Ibarra.  We found out later that night that people were hidden in the dark waiting to rob/kidnap people where we would have been walking.  Blessings in disguise?  I'll take it.
-I ALMOST beat the bishop in ping pong.... it was intense.
-Went to a wedding... it was interesting.
-Someone took our phone on the bus.....  went a week without a phone.  Worst thing ever.

The broadcast was so great!  I loved Elder Eyring's talk so much.  The Lord strengthens us through others, so that means the Lord needs our help to strengthen others.  We have covenanted to serve, comfort, and love everyone.  In our baptisms we covenanted to take upon us the name of Christ.  I am literally doing that in my mission when I put on my nametag every day with His name on it.  How grateful I am for this time I have to dedicate 100% if I choose to, to serve others.

They are so so happy!  Their kids still don't want to be baptized, but that isn't holding them back from progressing!  Gustavo just got an assignment to help in the gosple doctrine class and he is STOKED.  He has been reading his priesthood manual like crazy and last night showed us a bunch of scriptures he found.  So happy for them.  Also, a few weeks ago there was a beer can in their back seat compartment... now they have a hymn book sitting there.  I about cried when I saw that.

I don't think things could get any worse in their home right now.  It is so hard because they have come such a long way, but the other night everything fell apart.  I don't even know where to begin talking about their problems, but I am so worried about that family.  Wesley didn't talk to us for a week because he was embarrassed for not behaving well, Dulce hates her mom and everyone was bawling, no one went to church yesterday, Lubia wants to sell her kids or give them back to their terrible father and leave far away to work, hitting and beating, stealing, accusing, screaming, everything.  I finally started crying.  I told them how much I love them and that it hurts to see them struggling when they know better.  We knelt and said a family prayer at the end and things were a little more calm.  It is hard to know what to do to help them, but please pray for them.  

This week I have felt much closer to my Savior and have been able to understand more about Him and His atonement.  I love to think of an example that helps me understand why the Atonement is necessary.  Every mother knows that when her little kid is in the grocery store and he knocks over and breaks a bunch of things, the mom is going to have to pay for it.  Her child is little, doesn't know better, isn't responsible, doesn't work, doesn't have money, and simply can't pay the price for the mistake they made no matter how sorry they feel.  Christ is perfect and we are so so far from it.  We agreed a long time ago to keep the commandments, do everything right, and return to our Father after this life.  But now we're here and we aren't doing so well haha.  Christ knows that, and He has given us the priceless opportunity to repent, be forgiven, and change.  He has paid the price that we simply can not.  I know He lives and I know He is fully capable and ready to help us in all things and in every moment.  Sometimes it's hard to know how to look for His help or see His hand in all things - it happens to me every day.  I know it is a lack of faith on my part though.  It is easy to believe in Him-believe that He exists.  It is a lot harder to believe Him-believe and trust in His mercy and grace.  Change our lives because He has allowed us to.  I hope we can all learn more of Him and His atonement.  As we do so we will be better able to believe Him and become like Him because we know and understand Him and His love.

Wow I am just so happy for all of you!  I love you all!!  Enjoy conference, I sure will!!!  Seek personal revelation, your salvation depends on it ;)

Hermana Yates

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