Monday, March 16, 2015

semuc champey. don't ever go.

best / worst week of my life.
aaaand i have no time.  quick review.
-Gustavo and Sulma Ibarra, Wesley, and Dulce were baptized on Saturday.  It is really pointless to try to describe my feelings about it because I have never been happier.  I love this gospel and love seeing people change as they feel and recognize Christ's love and involvement in their lives.

Welcome to heaven

-regresamos de senahu y fue lo mejor.  queria quedarme alli para siempre.  si no regrese a la casa despues de la mision, van a encontrar me en las montañas del polochic.  nos vemos nunca  (We got back from Senahu and it was the best.  I wanted to stay there forever.  If I don't come back home after the mission you will find me in the mountains of Polochic.  See you guys never.)

-today we went to semuc champey.  google it or something.  it's the pretty tourist place with pretty water.  NO VALE LA PENA.  (It's not worth it) Was a 5 hour drive in rain, the bus got stuck, we had to walk half of the way because the bus couldn't get up a hill, then we climbed the mountain for 3 hours, all to see a bunch of large white tourists in bikinis.  Talk about an awkward zone activity.  Oh and the bus broke down on the way back.  And that is why i am writing at the end of p-day.

We made it up the mountain!!!!!!!
-hermana allen goes home this week and it is heart breaking for so many reasons.  i will miss her, she will miss her mission, and everyone here will miss her.

-new comp: hermana escobar
-erin, can't wait to hear about the baby!!!!  Love you all so much and hope all goes well!
-porter, you already know.  check your email
-isaac, you already know.  check your email
-sophie, you already know.  check your email
-barrett, you already know.  check your email
love you all!  NEC

Zone meeting in the Chic

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