Monday, March 9, 2015


holy smokes i am on top of the world.   literally.....

-Today i am finally a polochic sister.  CHINAUS

Lots to say, crappy keyboard to say it.  This one has dirt all over it so the keys don't work too well....

FAMILIA IBARRA -prepare yourselves
Holy smokes.  I love these people.  After going with Hermana Curtiss to visit them, they were going to pray about being baptized.  A few days later we went to visit Sulma, the mom, and asked how she felt about her baptism.  She said she felt very content and was excited!  On friday we went again though, and she was confused again.  Her girls are in a catholic school and they are worried about confusing them.  She was unsure again... but then we talked to her husband.  Gustavo had a dream.  (these people DREAM!!!)  He had a dream that he went up to the pulpit in church on the 15th and said "I just want to say that this is the true church"  and went to sit down.  He is now absolutely sure that he needs to be baptized, that it is what God wants him to do, and that he needs to do it THIS SATURDAY.  He knows it will bless his family and no matter what they decide to do, he is getting baptized.  We talked to Sulma and she decided the blessings that she will receive are much greater than her worries.  She wants to get baptized with Gustavo.  Her biggest worry is what she will wear hahaha.  one problem.  Gustavo has had struggles with the word of wisdom.  He was doing well but about a week ago he smoked and drank again.  He received a blessing from the bishop because he was going to his boss' party and would be tempted to drink.  He is so set on quitting though and he proved that because he didn't drink at the party and was at church yesterday as happy as could be!!!  Tonight he is meeting with President to see if he can be baptized this saturday.  STAY TUNED

Wesley and Dulce are getting baptized this saturday :)  Wesley is so excited!  He is so awesome and so ready.  They even took down all their scary pictures and put up ones that we cut out of the liahona.  Yesterday he almost didn't go to church because he was embarrassed because he didn't have clothes, but after the sacrament i left with a member with a car to get him haha.  no worries.

So Hermana Allen is headed home next week.  President Curtiss and Hermana Curtiss have been trying to figure out what to give her and I told them that they needed to send her to the Polochic.

Polochic (po . lo . chik).  -noun.  The part of the mission where only the elders get to go because they only speak q'eqchi', it's too dangerous, or there's no phone service, and it's in the mountains.  Unknown to the sisters.  A foreign place.  All the elders have their little pack there and everyone is jealous.

So they sent us to the polochic.  Sunday at 11:30 we got on a rickety old bus and set off for 5 hours to Senahú.  Let me tell you, the road to the polochic makes the ghost rider at knotts berry farm feel like a dream.  Do they sell back replacements in the market here...?  You think i'm joking...
After the crazy road we just kept going up and up and up and up and up........  We were driving in the clouds in the mountains.
We got here and it was the funniest thing ever.  If these people have ever seen white girls it must have been a long time ago because the stares are much worse here.  Two guys touched my hair at the health clinic we had to look at haha.  yikes.  We found our "hotel" and after seeing the elders, eating dinner, and giving dats, we crashed.

This morning I had the most glorious shower since the ccm.  Warm water and goodish water pressure!  I don't think i have been so clean since the ccm really.  We ate at the hotel and hiked up to a sweet look out spot.  It is GORGEOUS here.  I think I'm in heaven.  It is sunny and beautiful and green.  Ill send pictures next week, i am scared of the computer here.  We met up with the elders because a bunch of them came in from the aldeas for p day (they are all pretty excited that sisters are here in the polochic) and went to the church.  They played soccer but we got bored, so we went looking for a recent convert who used to live in canton but moved back to senahu.  We may or may not have gotten lost....... but we eventually found her.  Today we ate lunch at a sketchy place and got some ice cream!  Who knows what will happen next but it has been an adventure.  We will head back to coban tomorrow :(

I am happy.  I love my mission.  I probably won't ever come home if that's okay with you guys. ...but even if it's not, sorry.  not coming home.

Hermana Yates

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