Monday, March 2, 2015


(From Morgan's mom)
Hello friends and family:)
Morgan's email today was completely in Spanish.  I have included the English version that Isaac translated for us and if you would rather read it in spanish, it is below as well.

March 5th will be Morgan's one year mark!  What a wonderful, growing year it has been.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers and for being interested in her life as a missionary.  We feel very blessed.

I don't even know where to begin. We have seen huge miracles this week. Remember when i told you about the Ibarra family that was going to make their decision to be baptized? Well first off, they have received so many answers to their prayers. THEY KNOW that the church is true. It has saved their marriage, their relationships in their families, they have felt the Holy Ghost. I don't know when, i don't know how. But, they have their highs and lows; sometimes one will want to get baptized and the other doesn't. In these last few weeks, they have lost a lot of motivation and we stopped visiting them until they came to church. After all that is when they told us that they needed to make a decision. 

After our fast, Sister Curtiss (the Mission President's wife)  and I went to visit them. Like i said, she gave them "cinch" (Probably Guatemalan slang for "a good talk"). It was really good because she was catholic before and they are also "catholics". They said that they were going to pray to know if they will get baptized or not. The next day we went to visit them and they told us that they want to get baptized :):):) and that they know that this church is the church of God, that it can bring salvation to them, and that it will bless their lives enormously. Man, i felt so happy, but i mean SO happy!!! They are FINALLY recognizing their answers. God is so great, and has always been taking care of them. Haha it was funny because he said "I prayed last night and i said to God: 'God, if this is your church, tomorrow my daughter is going to feel better and will no longer be sick'' (his daughter has been sick with the flu, aches in her bones, and i don't know what else). The next day she was jumping and screaming saying "I'm better! I'm better!" I'm not sick anymore, i feel good!" Haha Gustavo and Sulma just sat there staring, and Sulma said to him "this church has to be the true church". Miracles people.

Also, we have been praying for gustavo for a long time. He has a problem with smoking and sometimes drinking. He told us that a week ago he tried to smoke but felt really sick! With nausea and headaches and all that nasty stuff. EVERY TIME that he wants to smoke, he feels really sick and now he can't smoke anymore. Man, miracles everywhere. We hope that they will get baptized on March 14 with Wesley and Dulce!

Please pray for them! I love you so much!
Hermana Yates


No se donde empezar.  Hemos visto grandes milagros esta semana.  Recuerdan que yo les conté de la Familia Ibarra y que iban a tomar su decisión de ser bautizados?  Primeramente, ellos han recibido tantas respuestas a sus oraciones.  SABEN que la iglesia es verdadera.  Ha salvado su matrimonio, sus relaciones entre la familia, han sentido el Espíritu Santo, no se que, no se cuando. Pero siempre suben y bajan.  O uno de ellos quiere ser bautizado, y uno no.  En estas ultimas semanas han perdido mucho ánimo y les dejamos hasta que vinieron a la iglesia.  Después de todo eso es cuando nos dijeron que tenían que tomar una decisión.

Después de nuestro ayuno, fuimos con ellos con hermana Curtiss.  Como les explico..... ella les dio cincho.  Fue muy bueno porque antes ella era católica y ellos también son "católicos".  Ellos dijeron que iban a orar para saber si van a bautizarse o no.  El siguiente día fuimos con ellos y nos dijeron que quieren bautizarse :):):)  que saben que la iglesia es la iglesia de Dios, que puede traerles la salvación, y va a bendecir sus vidas enormemente.  Hombre, yo sentí tan pero TAN feliz!!!  por FIN están reconociendo sus respuestas!! Dios es tan grande y ha estado cuidando les siempre.  jaja fue chistoso porque el dijo, "yo oré a noche y dije a Dios , Dios, si esta iglesia es Tu iglesia, mañana mi hija va a sentirse mejor y ya no va a estar enferma."  (ella ha estado enferma con gripe, dolor de los huesos, y no se que)  El siguiente mañana ella estaba brincando y gritando "estoy mejor!  estoy mejor!  ya no estoy enferma me siento bien!!!"  jajaja gustavo y sulma solo se quedaron mirando... y sulma le dijo "vos, esta iglesia tiene que ser la iglesia verdadera."  milagros people.

también, hemos estado orando por mucho tiempo por gustavo.  el tiene un problema con fumando y tomando aveces.  El nos dijo que hace una semana el trató de fumar y sentía tan enfermo!  con vómitos, dolor de cabeza, todo tan feo.  CADA VEZ que el quiere fumar, el siente muy enfermo y ya no puede fumar.  hombre, milagros en todos lados.  esperamos que van a bautizarse en el 14 de marzo con Wesley y dulce!

oren por ellos por favor!  les quiero mucho!
ninguna silla vacía
Hermana Yates

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