Monday, April 6, 2015

A solid foundation

Hi i have 0 time.

The familia ibarra is struggling right now.  We haven't been able to see them for a few days because my comp has been pretty sick and we have been in the house.  Please pray for them.

Conference was so lovely :)

We weren't able to watch the sunday morning session because my comp was sick but the rest of it was amazing.  I had questions and concerns that I was hoping to have resolved and helped during conference and I got much more than I was expecting!  I am so grateful and I love Christ's church.  Something that I learned over and over again during conference is that trials will always come but the gospel gives us the solid foundation that we need to find peace, hope, and success.  We need never feel alone.  Knowing this has brought me so much peace because honestly, seeing so many broken homes, marriages, and lives here in the mission was getting me really scared of life haha.

Daddy happy birthday :)  I feel like i was just barely writing you an email telling you happy birthday a few weeks ago... was that really a year ago?  ayooooo.  I love you so much!  Have an amazing time in Hawaii.

Hermana Yates

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