Monday, April 27, 2015

otro cambio mas...

What a week......
So just please keep praying for the Ibarras and the Gonzales.  We haven't seen the Ibarras for a while because Sulma went to the catholic church to confess to the Padre and to go on dates with some guy.....
Colocho went to jail because the police saw him beating lubia in the street again and lubia might have to go to jail in 2 days because she is in debt to a bunch of people...... we don't know what will happen to the kids.  The ward has given us 2 weeks of food to give them bit by bit so she doesn't sell it instead of feeding her kids.
We had interviews this past week with President and Hermana Curtiss and they were wonderful!  I love them so much!!  The past few months we have had the assignment to study the Atonement.  I was able to report what I have  learned and felt and it was really special.  I love my Savior and I can feel His love so strongly - for me and for those I am serving.
Changes are tomorrow and I am staying here!  It will be my 4th change in Barrio 2.  Hermana Escobar was pretty bummed that I wasn't leaving..... hahaha awkward.  But we are figuring out how to work together.  We are finding new investigators like crazy and have high hopes for them!
Sorry I don't have much today but I love you all and I am grateful for your support and love!
Hermana Yates

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