Monday, December 1, 2014

hello december


hello december and hello halfway :)  9 months this week and it's all going way too fast.

-I keep waiting for it to snow and then I remember things are a little different here..
-the dueña of the casa, we call her chula (we basically share the house with her), had her birthday yesterday.  So her crazy sister came too.  Let's just say she really wanted the canchita to share her tequila with her.  Don't worry, I didn't have any.  But it was sure a party. hahaha

This was an interesting week haha.  Last monday hermana weicks was having a weird reaction to a bug bite or something and her whole leg was very swollen.  She couldn't walk and it kept getting worse, so we ended up staying in the house for most of the week.  Talk about a long week!!  Haha I took advantage of the time and dove into the Book of Mormon again.  I love that book!  I am learning so much and I have to refrain myself from marking every verse.  Did you know it talks about Christopher Colombus or whatever his name is??  And ***SPOILER ALERT*** Nefi totally says what is going to happen in the whole book of mormon in chapter 12.  I had no idea.

Hermana Weicks told me she wants to go home.  We had a good talk and shed some tears.  I did all I could to help her and we got through the day.  I think she is doing better now, but it is hard when nothing is happening in the work.  She doesn't love it yet.  I hope to be a better example for her and help her love it more.  I think we will only have 1 more week together.

I am learning a lot about my shortcomings.  haha sometimes it's rough, but I think it's a sign that I need to make some changes.  I am at the point where I can talk to the people even though sometimes I still sound stupid.  So I don't have excuses there.  I have been thinking about the effort I have given, and what the Lord expects.  I definitely need to change some things that I thought I was doing well in order to meet His expectations.  We all do, really.  None of us are perfect.  We fall far short from perfect every day.  Some of us notice the gap that we need to fill and try to fill it.  Others notice it but don't do anything to change and to be better.  Others of us can't even see that we need to make an effort to please God and truly be His sons and daughters.  I have thought for some time that I was in that first group, but the more I learn, the bigger the gap seems.  I have a big gap to fill.  But I know I can fill it with the Lord's atonement building, lifting, refining, strengthening, and carrying me.  I am so grateful for Him and for my Father in Heaven who allowed Christ to atone for my sins and shortcomings.

Pray for Mario and his family please.  We hope to have his family baptized this saturday.

I love you all!
No Empty Chairs
  **whoa almost forgot my name there

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