Monday, December 29, 2014

Adios 2014...??


Okay time just needs to SLOW DOWN for a little bit!

-Christmas was filled with fiestas, bolos, tamales, bolos, ponche, oh and did I mention bolos??  Hopefully everyone is sobered up next week so we can have normal lessons/contacts again
-I am pro at mini ping pong

This week was filled with amazing moments and heart breaks.  You'd think I'd be used to it by now huh?  Haha love the mission. :)  It was an interesting week because everyone is gone and busy for Christmas, but we still were able to get a few lessons in!  We contacted like crazy with El es la Dádiva tarjetas and it was a great way to start talking to people and enter in their houses!  ...until we contacted a Jehovas Witness hahaha.  That was interesting.  But for the record, she did like the video!

Martes: We started out the week caroling!  The whole ward was invited to help us sing but only the bishop and 5 young men showed up... but it was still great!!!!  We caroled for our investigators and less actives and they were so happy!

Miercoles: Family time :) It was so great to talk to you all even though I couldn't hear 70% of what you said!  Haha Hermana Allen and I were talking after and realized that we look forward to the call for a long time, talk for 40 minutes, and realize that we didn't talk about much at all.  Haha but it's still great!  You are all amazing and sound old.
Sophie, i still haven't gotten any pics.............
We spent the day running between citas and dinner appointments with members! Literally running up and down hills all day long haha it was crazy.  TOO MUCH FOOD.

Jueves:  We spent the morning in the hospital with a sister that was sick.  Merry Christmas!  We then had a party / gift exchange with the office elders because we are always there doing nurse stuff.  I then won the mini ping pong tournament. We spent the rest of the night running between houses again. TOO MANY TAMALES. TOO MANY BOMBS.

Viernes: Christmas stopped all at once. Haha it's like you couldn't even tell it happened!  (well except for a lot more drunk guys passed out on the sidewalks than usual)

Sabado: Milagro! We are teaching a guy named Victor and he is an alcoholic. We're not sure if he's a member of the church or not because he just is really confusing, especially when he's drunk, but either way we are teaching him haha. A few days earlier we were with him and he was a liiiiiiiittle drunk... We gave him a book of mormon with alma 36 to read, and told him we would only come back saturday if he wasn't drunk and he promised he would clean up, put clean clothes on, do his hair, and be sober.  When we went on Saturday he was waiting for us outside and i could have sworn it was a different person! He was sober and looked very nice, unlike two days before. He sits down and tells us all about how much he loved the chapter, and started asking us questions that he had written down about it!  THAT NEVER HAPPENS. We were so so happy!  We explained who Helaman is, Alma, Mosiah, why the angel came, and that he can have that same conversion and change in his life and habits.  Christmas miracle folks.

Well time's up but I love you all.  Make some sweet goals and i'll talk to you next year.


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