Monday, December 15, 2014

Oh how things have changed

Friends and Family,
Morgan's wonderful teacher from the Guatemala MTC (CCM), Hermana Andrea Alverado, is moving to Utah to go to school.  We have the privilege of having Andrea, her parents, and her younger sister, staying with us this coming week.  They are beautiful, gracious, kind, and grateful people.  We are enjoying having them with us and Isaac is really enjoying having the Spanish language fill our home:)  Having them here is helping us feel a little closer to Morgan during this Christmas Season.  Andrea's younger sister, Mariann, translated what Morgan said in Spanish for me:)

Thank you for all of your love and support and for your many prayers.  In a separate email, Morgan told us that she is feeling good and we are so grateful for that. However, after reading about her drinking water in this email, I'm wondering if it will last...


Ahhh estoy tan emocionada para navidad! (I'm so excited for Christmas!)
-HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRETT!!!!!!  I love you so much!
-Shoutout to la Familia Alvarado!  Que emocionante!! Espero que estan muy felices y estan disfrutando el frio de Utah!  Hermana Alvarado la extraño demasiado!  La quiero mucho!  Gracias por todo lo que me enseñó y todavía me esta enseñando! Feliz Navidad! (So exciting!! I hope that you are happy and that you are enjoying the cold of Utah! Hermana Alvarado I miss you so much!  I love you! Thanks for all that you taught me and for all that you teach me now!  Merry Christmas!)
-We almost got in a sticky situation with our investigators and the cops last night, but we're white :)  So we went and talked to the cops and then contacted them before they left all giddy haha it was great.
-I never thought the day would come... but I have started drinking the water from the pila.  Gross huh?  We haven't had purified water for a week so I had no other choice.  Don't worry, I'm using my water filter though!
-I am singing for the Christmas Conference this Thursday, but this time it's not a solo, thank goodness!
-The sister next to me has been singing "Feliz Navidad" for the past hour.  I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit now...........
Well it was a good week!  I am still getting to know the area but I am happy! We have some amazing investigators, new and old.  They are SO CLOSE to baptism and we are so excited to be helping them!  We have high hopes for this change.  I am getting along perfectly with Hermana Allen!  Actually, she is an amazing missionary and I know I am going to learn a lot from her this change.  She has a strong testimony and loves the mission.  She will be sad to go home next change.
This last saturday we had a Christmas activity at the church and it was awesome!  We spent the week showing the Dadiva video to everyone and inviting them to the activity... and the turn out was AMAZING.  We had 17 investigators at the activity!!!!  That never happens.  At least not to me or Hermana Allen.  They all loved it and felt very welcome and happy!  There was a good spirit present during the messages and pura fiesta despise!! (and then was a party)  Haha there was a dj and the crazy bishop lit huge fireworks!  It was a great night and really helped our investigators feel more comfortable at church and have desires to learn more.
I have been thinking a lot lately about my mission, why I am here, and how I have had to change in order to prepare, to start, and to stay.  This Thursday a year ago I received my mission call.  The moment I read Guatemala Coban my world changed entirely.  I had never planned on serving a mission, and now I was destined to die in the jungle, or so I thought ;) 
A year ago I was comfortable and oblivious to what the mission really is.  Now I'm in it and I am grateful for experiences that put me out of my comfort zone, because that is when I grow and learn.
A year ago I was scared of the temple.  Now it seems absurd because I love that place and miss it way too much.
A year ago I didn't give scripture study priority.  I now cherish it.
A year ago I walked by faith and not by sight in following promptings to come on a mission.  Now I know why.
I miss ya fam, but I'm glad I'm here.  And I'll get to talk to you in a week anyways :)  cuidense mucho y hasta luego :)
Hermana Llates

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