Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Wait, is it that time of year already?
Merry Christmas!! 
-It's hot, sunny, and.. doesn't feel like Christmas here haha
-I gave a homeless man a birthday hug a few days ago...... it was involuntary but very funny and a long story
-I have the He is the Gift video memorized
-Somehow the ceiling was leaking water all night long even though it didn't rain.... I woke up a little wet and confused.
-I got to watch Frozen at the Christmas Zone Conference!!!
-Soph, we're teaching a 15 year old kid and he is THE BEST. and super cute... just sayin ;)
Another week of working, walking, knocking, and preaching.  It is nice not having to worry about a lot of the Christmas nonsense that goes on at this time of year!  All I'm worried about is helping our investigators live the law of chastity, stop using cocaine, stop beating their kids, and pray to the right Person in the Godhead.  IT'S AWESOME!!  I think it will be a rough week for working but at least everyone will be with their families, so that's good right?
On Thursday we had our Christmas Zone Conference even though the only part that had anything to do with Christmas was our musical number!  We sang a mix of Noche de Luz and Stars were Gleaming and it was so pretty!  I sang with Hermanas Gomez, Allen, and Faught, and some elders.  In the conference we talked a lot about the importance of the Book of Mormon.  President had us put our heads down, close our eyes, and asked us questions.  If the answer was yes, we put up a finger.
-I have read the Book of Mormon all the way through
-I read the Book of Mormon every day
-I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon
-I have an unshakable testimony of the Book of Mormon down to the bottom of my heart  (somethin like that, it's different in spanish..)
He was surprised to see how few fingers went up.  It was a really good moment to reflect about how deep our conviction is of the Book of Mormon.  I invite you all to ask yourselves that same set of questions and if you don't have 4 fingers up, to change something, whether it is a habit, priority, timeline, or desire in order to improve.  I know this book is true.  I know it has power unto conviction and salvation if we read it, ponder it, pray about it, seek personal revelation in it, and apply its teachings in our daily lives.  After all, by simple things are great things brought to pass, right?  Read it and love it :)
Last night was amazing!  There was a Christmas devotional in the Stake Center and everyone was there!!  From Chamelco, Coban, San Cristobal, and Canton.  It was amazing to see everyone.  I love them so so much.  One of the best moments was seeing Ana, our investigator we found right before I had emergency changes from coban to san cris.  She was baptized 3 weeks after I left and she was a changed person.  She was glowing with the Spirit.  She was so beautiful and she told me how happy she is.  She said how grateful she is to me for being the first to find her.  She said, "You planted the seed, and now look.  I am so happy.  I love being a member of the church of Jesus Christ.  I am forever grateful to you.  May God bless you forever."  I just was so grateful for missionary work.  I am just 20 year old Morgan from Utah, but the Lord knows how to use His servants in order to bless those searching for the truth.  I didn't do anything but walk, follow the Spirit, knock, and teach what I had dilligently studied, as did my companions.  God knows exactly what He is doing and it is amazing to be a part of His great, incomprehensible plan.  I am so grateful that Christ is the center of that plan, and for this time of year we have to remember Him and celebrate Him.
He is the Gift.  Discover the gift, accept it, share it.
Merry Christmas family :)  Talk to you later this week
No Empty Chairs
Hermana Yates

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