Monday, December 8, 2014

Changes Again

So as Isaac once told me, change is good when you do it right.  I hope I can put that into practice this next week.  Changes came...
-We hiked a mountain today to an old abandoned church.  Cool pictures to come!  It was a good last p-day in San Cristobal

-There was another earthquake the other night.. didn't feel a thing.  But I did feel the one in the afternoon!  It was sweet.

-Yesterday was the Day of the Devil and everyone cleaned out their houses of old papers to "clean out the devil" and made bonfires outside in the streets and burned piñata devils!  It was sweet and the air was almost unbreathable from all the fires

-Tonight should be super cool too, everyone goes to the center, soaks balls made of cloth in gasoline, lights them and plays soccer with them!  It is perfectly legal to burn whoever and whatever you want, so I was told to walk around with wet clothes.... hope no one has any grudges against us tonight!  Haha oh wait, practically all of San Cris does..

-We opened our stockings!  Thank you mama they were so fun!  Now the question is how to take it all with me in changes..

-The girl on the computer next to me is watching Chucky and it is very distracting......
So yeah I was convinced I would be staying in my area this change because I have only been here one change, but we got the phone call from Elder Fisher and he was dying.  " You are NEVER going to believe the changes!"  Hermana Weicks is headed to Baja Verapaz and I am going back to Coban.. With Hermana Allen.  The nurse.  ............................
wait what?
I think they are trying to tell me something.
I will be her last comp in the mission field. Wish me luck folks!
Chula, h weicks, and the elders threw a surprise party for me for my 9 month mark!  It was so awesome and made my day!  They sang, we ate, I got baloons taped to me, and baby powder showered.  Chula knows how to throw a party haha :)  I'm sad I won't be here with her for Christmas!
We had some crazy lessons this week.  Some good and some interesting.  We showed a video of the Restoration to Asusena and her sister in law Gloria and Gloria got pretty upset and wanted to read every verse in the Bible that talks about the Book of Mormon.   It was interesting though, because Asusena started crying in the lesson from feeling the spirit.  It's funny how we can all be in the same room but feel such different emotions.  If we are open hearted and willing to feel and listen to the spirit, things can be so different.  We have to be willing to humble ourselves and let Him in.
We had an amazing lesson with Vilma, our recent convert, and her parents who aren't members.  She had been reading in 3 nefi 11 so we watched the Testaments.  They watched it with us and the spirit was so strong.  Hermana Weicks and I testified of the Book of Mormon after it ended and it was so special and impossible to hold back the tears.  They are usually very cold and opinionated, but something changed yesterday.  They recognized that the spirit was testifying to them that the message that we share is true.  We gave her dad a Book of Mormon and he started reading it before we left the house!  I hope things progress with them!  We left the house and just looked at each other and said, Wow.  That is how every lesson should be.  It was very refreshing after a change with not so many lessons.
Well I don't have much time but I invite you all to pay close attention to the Spirit in your life.  How He guides you and prompts you.  For me it is in a very subtle way, but I am ever grateful for His help.

I love you all!
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