Monday, June 29, 2015

I don't know what to put here


-I think I have another parasite but I don't want to tell the nurse because I don't want to do any more tests.  after 20 of them it kind of gets old
-my companion thought we had  the priesthood until yesterday.. that was an awkward news break
-the lady we eat with is determined to send me home fat.  Literally.  she told me.  please pray for me....
-the man next to me has chicungunya so if a mosquito bites me within this next half hour I'm toast

Hey, in case you didn't know, I love being a missionary.  Not sure if I've told you before.

Well we came back from Guatemala city and we were super sleep deprived but we made it through the week!
This week we visited Sylvia again and it was so great!  She loves learning about the plan of salvation and she wants to be baptized to be able to live with her family forever.  Next stop: her husband  who doesn't seem to like us very much.....

Sorry I don't have much time but I just love you all.  Keep being amazing, porter congrats for going to the temple you are amazing, soph i always knew you were a mermaid, isaac you can't get married yet, dad have fun in china, mom throw your own party on the 4th of july, barrett erin and sobrinos when are you going back to the states?  lily is so old now!  and luke, are you still alive?

the church is true,
No Empty Chairs
Hermana Yates

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