Monday, June 8, 2015

Bring It On


Killing a comp is sooooooo BAGGY

Tomorrow is change day.  I will FINALLY be headed to Peten!  I will be training and cleaning an area... so looks like that is where I am going to die.  Literally and figuratively hahaha.  I am excited!!!  It will be a little crazy, peten is INSANELY hot and infested with deadly mosquitos, but it will be cool to start fresh in an area.  I have only heard good things about my area so I am happy!  My area is called San Benito, and I will meet my companion tomorrow.

Sorry we are writing super late today because hna hernandez is going home this week so things are a little out of control.. and we have to go do more things right now so I guess I'll talk to you next week!  haha love you all.  Read your scriptures, say your prayers, DON'T FORGET FAMILY NIGHT, and look both ways before you cross the street.

Hermana Yates

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