Monday, June 15, 2015

a whole new wooooorld.......


holy. smokes.

-so our mission really is split up into 3 missions: coban-check. polochic-check. peten-let's do this
-coban houses=cockroaches. peten houses=lizards
-mom sorry but I laughed when you said that it's hot in utah... I can't even explain how hot it is here
-nos mantenemos mojadas
-my watch broke. again
-there are pigs running around everywhere, we are writing on an island, when it rains the streets steam, and it is HAWT.

So peten is legit.  My companion is Hermana Bueso and she is fresh from Honduras.  Haha it's super funny to be training at the end of my mission because she reminds me of me when I got here.  I cared about my hair, my clothes, my food, and I had no idea what I was doing.  It's cool though because I get to teach her everything and see her grow, learn and improve quickly.  She is awesome and willing to work.

It has been an interesting week (as always) because neither of us know a single person here.  We have been knocking doors and accidentally finding members haha.  The members here are amazing and are helping us find people to teach.

Once again I have seen that the Lord knows what He is doing.  Every person that we contact has been placed in our path for a reason.  I stopped believing in luck and coincidences a few months ago.  We have found people who are searching for guidance and meaning and don't know where to find it.  They are open to learning and their humility will allow them to feel the Spirit and I am SO EXCITED.  We met a young guy who was so interested when we told him that Christ came here to the americas.  We gave him a book of mormon and marked 3 nefi 11 to read.  I have never seen someone so excited to read that story.  

We found another woman named sylvia who just lost her job a few days ago.  If she had been working still we wouldn't have found her in her house or have been able to return yesterday to teach her for the first time.  It was amazing lesson.  She opened up to us and told us about her family problems and that she had lost a baby and was mad at God.  She listened to what we had to share with her about the importance of the family, forgiveness, and patience.  As we read a scripture in the book of mormon with her we could tell she was feeling the spirit.  We testified that the book of mormon would change her life if she was willing to read it, pray about it, and act on the things she would be invited to do.  When we told her that we would give her the book she was holding she started crying and couldn't believe it.  She hugged it and said, "When you read the scripture it scared me!  I thought, could it be that this scripture is for ME?"  Then of course i start tearing up.. she felt the spirit teaching and testifying to her without even realizing it.  "Yes, that scripture was exactly for you because God knows you, loves you, and knows exactly what you need."  We left her a section to read that would help her with her family relationships and she promised to read it and talk to her husband about going to church next week.

I really don't know much.  But I love being able to be an instrument in God's perfect hands and seeing people come to know Him better.  The same thing happens to me every time.

This morning we went to some caves and it was pretty cool!  It also taught me a few things, believe it or not.  There were some parts of the trip where I would get tired of using my flashlight, and decided to turn it off and just follow the rest.  Borrow their light.  But as we went on there were bumps and holes and when we got to some stairs the rest were rising and progressing with ease.  I on the other hand, was tripping and wasn't able to get up the slippery stairs without my own flashlight.  It taught me a lot about our own light, or testimony.  Sometimes we are okay to borrow others' light.  When life is easy and there aren't too many stumbling blocks we can make our way through the dark okay.  But if we want to progress on our own and be able to keep going when things get hard, we need our own light.  Our own testimony is what keeps us strong and faithful until the end.  Sometimes our light is small but a little light can make a big difference in a big, black cave.  If your light is a little too dim, put in some new batteries, recharge, and use it.

I love you all.  If I don't die this week of heat then I will talk to you next week.

Hermana Yates

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