Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Perfect Peace

You guys are all over the place!!!  It is so fun to see what you are doing every week.  I hope you all have a fun time this week with the 4th of July celebrations!  The 4th is my 4 month mark so celebrate for me ;)
Isaac with my companion's
brother-in-law in Mexico City!!!
-A man tried to kiss me this morning on the street.  Excuse me sir, I'm a missionary.
-I almost got eaten alive by 2 dogs this week
-I walked around this morning for an hour with the under lining layer of my dress completely up. I was on display for all of Coban.  In the words of my district leader: hey at least everyone knows you're temple worthy right?
-An hour ago all my photos got deleted.  ALL OF THEM! The first time I put my card in the computer it didn't read it.  The guy here said MY card had a virus and he took my card and cleaned it or whatever that means.  Afterwards my pictures worked.  I took my card out and now I just opened it to look at my pictures and nothing is there.  We are going to go back to se if they can do anything... Sorry mama..
-I'm feeling much better! My eyes...haha the advice the doctor gave was that my eyes are fine, it should go back to normal in a few months and that I should use sunscreen...haha what.?? but it's getting worse.  I have like 3 spots now.  She dilated my eyes and said something is out of place in the gel in my eye..??  I don't know but I have another appointment in October.
-Transfers are next week......freak I still can't teach or speak Spanish hahaha.
-Poor Luke!  I love that ugly dog so much.  Feed him peanut butter for me.
As you have probably guessed by now, it's a little crazy here.  Like my missionary brother, Isaac,  said a few weeks ago, sometimes it is a challenge to distinguish the still small voice from all of the noise.  In all of the hectic happenings in Guatemala, I have been so grateful for moments of perfect peace--
Looking up at the beautiful clouds in the hazy sunset and realizing, once again, that Heavenly Father is in charge of things much bigger than I can comprehend and that I can press on in faith in whatever challenges I am having.  He is aware of me and my situation.
Watching The Testaments for our ward mission activity and hearing the comments of our investigators' children,  "Wow, Jesus really loves us.  Jesus loves His children and He is going to come again."
Listening to Jeni's testimony just minutes after she was baptized and seeing a new light in her eyes.
Reading letters from my family in the "when you feel lonely" envelope this morning, and every letter being an answer to my prayer I offered just minutes before.
Where can I turn for peace?  He only One.  Tender mercies are everywhere.  My Savior is my source of peace.  Whether it is directly from the Spirit, through others, through the scriptures, I always know where to turn.  I am so grateful for this perfect gospel and our perfect Savior and Father.
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