Monday, July 7, 2014


It sounds like you all had a lot fun with all the celebrations!  Send more pictures!
-Yeah there was another earthquake this morning at 5:30.  It woke us up because our beds were shaking so hard!  Haha my companion wakes up and with a lot of concern, says (in spanish) "I think this is an earthquake..??"  well yeah.  She starts running outside but I was too tired to move. I just stayed in my bed and told her it would end soon.
-I got the  4th of July package, thank you mama!! And yes, send letters to the same address as packages.
-I got my pictures back!
-My eyes are fine, haha just a few black spots in my vision on my left  eye.
-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN! I am just really happy you are in my family and you are the best in the world. Thanks for taking care of my weird brother;)
So we have transfers tomorrow... adios Chamelco!!!!!! Hermana Hernandez and I are both leaving our area and they are sending new missionaries to clean it out. Haha I am headed to the city.  Coban with a new comp, Hermana Gonzales. She has been in my district and she is known for being the most dramatic, wild, party lovin' Hermana in the mission.  Awesome. Also she is in love with Isaac. She saw a picture of him my first day in the mission and since then my name has been cuñada (sister in law). An elder found a picture of him in her missionary hand book and I have NO IDEA how she got a picture of him. Haha i'mma have to lay down a few laws!

Leaving Chamelco has given me the opportunity to reflect on what I learned in this area and how I want to change. I definitely learned a lot of patience. I learned I need to be better at looking for miracles in every day. Yes, Chamelco was challenging, but there is always something good to see and Heavenly Father's hand is in everything. I am going to work on that in my new area. I learned that although some people may not be ready to accept the gospel and change their lives, we have the opportunity to plant the seed. We had our last lesson in our area last night with Helka.  Her husband is a member but doesn't do much to help his wife feel the desire to be baptized. We decided that nothing we were doing was helping her realize that she can feel the Spirit. So naturally, we turned to the video of the Restoration. At the end of the movie we bore our testimonies and the Spirit was so strong. She started crying and couldn't pin point what she was feeling. I told her it was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of our message. That she was feeling something so special and so perfect and she has the chance to feel it all the time. We are happy that we were able to leave the area with that special experience and we hope she will be baptized and one day be sealed to her family.
I love this work and this gospel. I love you all too! Until next week!
No empty chairs
Hermana Yates

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