Monday, July 21, 2014

Bandaids fix everything

2 1/2 weeks..... where in the world did the time go.  I feel like my brother left on his mission just a few months ago.  It is fair to say that I was a completely different person 2 years ago.  Isaac, you can take a stop in Guatemala on your way home right???  Cool, see ya in a few weeks.
-I finally fell!!  I have been waiting almost 5 months to become less graceful ;) and fall hard so that I could use my handy first aid kit that adds an annoying amount of weight in my backpack.  Well, my Danskos failed me and I slipped and smashed my knee haha but bandaids and a little bit of alcohol fix everything right?  I'll send pictures soon, I got a bad computer today...
-My waterbottle broke... parasites here I come
-Another package is waiting for me in the office!  Thanks mama!
In our area we have awesome members.  I have been so grateful for their help.  Our lessons are so much more effective with members to bear testimony and become friends with our investigators.  It's pretty hilarious when they all come to church on Sunday with pained looks, rubbing their sore legs from climbing all of the stairs in our area to get to the homes of our investigators, but they always have a good experience and are willing to come with us again!  We have a recent convert, Marta, who came with us to teach for the first time.  She was pretty nervous but excited to help.  We were teaching a lesson and we could tell our investigator was uninterested and the Spirit wasn't very present.  Something needed to happen.  We asked Marta to bear her testimony and she shared her conversion story and how she knows this church is true.  It was so perfect.  As she spoke, the Spirit filled the room.  Our investigator could feel the change and it was a very special experience.  As we left the lesson, I turned to Marta and asked if she could feel how strong the Spirit was when she bore her testimony.  She had the biggest smile and said, "Ahh yes!  I felt really warm and happy!  The Spirit was so strong and I still have the chills!"  She now wants to go with us to teach every day haha.  I am so grateful for special experiences like these.  I am so grateful to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.  He can bear testimony and truth of our message a lot better than we can :)
I love you all.  Lay on the carpet and make lace cookies for me because carpet and brown sugar don't exist in Guatemala.
No Empty Chairs
Hermana Chetz

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