Monday, May 18, 2015

The Lord Is Preparing His People


-sorry to inform you but i probably wont be sending any more pictures home because they got deleted again.  i can't risk attaching my memory cards anymore

We had some pretty cool experiences this week!  We were walking down a path and we saw a young father sitting with his little girl.  I had seen him before and whenever I see people several times I know it is for a reason.  I felt very strongly that I needed to talk to him so I did.  Turns out he has several "friends"  who are mormons.  Those "friends" are about 12 missionaries who were visiting him years ago.  He spoke so fondly of them and was very sure when he testified to us that he knows that la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias is the only church of God on the earth.  He wants to get baptized, knows everything about the restoration, knows all the lessons and doctrine, and has been reading his Book of Mormon for 5 years.  It was amazing.  The only problem is that his wife doesn't want a thing to do with the church.  He has been praying that she will change so that they can all be baptized.  We hope to be able to visit them soon to see how receptive she is.  I know that the Lord and His angels are and have been preparing people to receive the gospel.

We also contacted a house and they let us right in!  That never happens!  Haha turns out the guy doesn't live there but wanted us to pray for his wife who had gotten in a motorcycle accident and hurt her leg.  We visited them for a while and they are so so awesome.  They live in a town far away where they only speak q'eqchi' and they had never seen missionaries.  We gave them a book of mormon and they were so grateful.  They want visits from the missionaries but there aren't any where they live... we will see what we can do to help them.  So awesome!

I hope you enjoyed your time in la ciudad de mexico!!!  I am so jealous, so we should probably go back when I get home.  We can go to guate first and then make our way up there ok?  Isaac I can only imagine how special it was for you to see those people and those streets again.  So cool :)

pues, les quiero mucho.  cuidense.
ninguna silla vacia
Hermana Yates

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