Monday, May 11, 2015

I Feel His Love

Familia yeix (that's how my comp says it.. jajaja),


-Well we talked yesterday.  You all sound old.  I think it's good that I can't use skype because I think I would have been in shock.
-So I had on a decent outfit for mothers day... ready to take pics talking on the phone.... then an hour before the phone call we were in an appointment in the mountains... it started pouring.  We got soaked!!  I got home right in time to dry off, change into a sweatshirt, and talk to everyone hahaha
-There are deadly caterpillars here and everyone freaks out when they see them because apparently they sting you with venom or whatever... i accidentally grabbed one the other day.... I'm still alive though so I think we're good
-I found a worm in my rice the other day. mmmmm
-I think we have fleas.. again

So turns out that the Ibarras were going to have their visit with Elder Alonso from the area 70 but he wasn't able to make it so the stake president went to visit them and he is pretty worried about them.  He gave them simple solutions to fixing their problems, like reading the scriptures and praying as a couple.  The problem is they don't do it.. but hopefully they listened and felt the truthfulness of what he was saying.  Improving our lives, following God, and being happy are things we all want, but it is a choice that we have to make.

This week we went crazy finding new investigators!  We were able to find 10 new investigators and we are excited to keep finding new people to teach.  Something we learned from Elder Alonso in the conferencia is that having faith and trusting in God is crucial.  We need to believe that He truly is preparing people to receive the message of the restoration, and then we need to find them.  We need to be prepared to teach the doctrine and we need to have the Spirit with us.  If they are prepared they will feel the truthfulness and the importance of what we share with them.  If they aren't ready, well we ask for references and tell the future missionaries to go back in a few months.

The conference with Elder Alonso was amazing.  He truly is a special witness of Christ.  I could feel so clearly how real this gospel is.  God is truly my Father.  His Son atoned for me and He lives.  The church is true and that is why I love being a missionary.  I am figuring out who I need to become.  I am getting to know my Savior on a personal level.  And like I told you yesterday, I know who I am here.  I represent the most perfect, loving Being who ever lived on this earth.  He is real.  He lives and is so involved in the big and small details of our lives.  I can see it more and more as I meet and teach new people here in Guate.  They live in the jungles in tin shacks in the mountains and God is perfectly aware of them, who they are, what they need, and hopes that I will live worthily enough to teach them and guide them by the Spirit.
I feel His love more than ever before.  His atonement is real and eternal.  He has showed us the way back to the Father.  I love sharing His gospel and I love how He teaches me through the Spirit.

I hope you are all so happy and are getting to know Him as well.
Love you all

Hermana Yates

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