Monday, February 2, 2015

How to kill a comp

lastima porque I finally have a perfectly new keyboard, but I'm spending all my time today in internet saving my pictures on flash drives.  sorry, I'm just scared to lose it all!
quick rundown
-We saved a man's life.  Well maybe.  A drunk guy covered in blood came up to us on the street and held out a very bloody hat asking us for a quetzal for a bandaid.  Uh sir, I don't think a bandaid will help that huge cut on your head.  We took him to stores and a pharmacy to get water and gauze and helped clean him up.  Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy but someone had to help him!  Eventually someone called the ambulance but he wouldn't go with them.  Turns out his brother was drunk as well, they were fighting, and he cut his head open with a table knife.  It's casual.
Cleaning up the drunk guy. 

-Changes are tomorrow and we don't have changes!  So turns out, I will be killing Hermana Allen (aka sending her home from the mission)  So sad!!
-Jeronimo didn't get baptized..Yet!  We went and talked to his wife and she has calmed down a lot and we are hoping it will work out for this next week!  I'll keep you updated.
-I accidentally left the key in the house the other day and we realized it right as we shut the door........ the best solution that anyone had was to just break the window and put wire in it to open the door.  So they did.  Lesson learned!
I was able to come so much closer to my Savior this week.  I love Him and I love learning about Him.  He's the best.

Well sorry but that's all folks.
Love you all!
Hermana Yates

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