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-It's warm today. halleluja

A whole lot happened this week, so I guess I'll just go day by day?

Talk about baggy.  We had a family home evening with the bishop because it was Elder Gomez's last one!  It was cool but sad to hear him bear his testimony.  Remind me to not ever leave the mission ok?  Also, they invited a family from Chamelco, my first area, and it was so nice to see them again!  It was crazy to realize that it was almost a year ago that I started there.  I was able to see how I have progressed in so many ways.

CHANGE DAY.  I was the nurse's assistant and it was fun :)  haha I got to see everyone, help her by erasing the board during her presentation, and help put together first aid kits for the news.

Talk about baggy x2.  We had to go back to the offices in the morning to get the olds their medicine to kill all of the parasites they are going home with.  It was SO WEIRD to see all these people super baggy and waiting for their last brunch with President.  they were sad to be leaving, yet happy.  Once again, remind me to not ever leave ok?  We cried and said bye, and ya.  That night we had a noche de hermanamiento and the stake president gave the message because he lives in our area.  It was so great!  I learned so much and it was surely an answer to my prayers.  We talked about faith, hope, and grace.  How they are all connected and how they are all necessary.  How real the hope is for the resurrection and for a better life with our Creator.  He told the story I told in my farewell talk about the little kid who wanted a bike but only had 61 cents.  It was so interesting to see how much I have learned about the atonement since I gave that talk.  How much MORE it means to me.  How much more I love my Savior.  How much I have learned about grace, mercy, our responsibilities, and our inadequacy, and just how necessary the atonement was.

One of those days where you feel weighed down by the worries and problems of the world, yet at the same time, so grateful for what you know and for your own blessings..... it's a weird feeling, I'll tell you that.  Our member who was going to leave with us is having a hard time with the usual problems here in Guatemala... her husband is cheating on her, has another family, wants to live with her, beats her.. blah blah blah it's awful and I'm sick of that.  Remind me to have a good husband ok?  We helped as much as we could and headed to our appointment with Luvia and her kids.  As usual, she was complaining about Wesley (her 13 year old son who we love) about how he doesn't want to study, he doesn't do anything, he is good for nothing, and how she was going to send him back with his terrible father because she didn't want to deal with him anymore.  We told her for the millionth time that she has to support, love, and motivate her kids.  She left and we talked to Wesley.  We asked why he wants to go with his dad and he starts crying and says "because my mom doesn't love me"  of course we start bawling.  He knew she does, but she just has a hard time being a parent to say the least.  We helped him see that if he went to school (he hasn't been going all year), went to church, and was super obedient and awesome, she will change too.  He has to be the example in the family.  We read about the 2,000 stripling warriors and he decided he was going to be like them and fight for his future and his family because his mom is having a hard time right now.  We asked him if there was anything else we could do for him and he sat there for a long time wanting to say something but was nervous as always haha.  Then he said "can you come every day?"  (cue the tears again)  of couse we can come every day.  Freaking love that kid.

We went with Luvia again and she was telling us how much Wesley loves us.  She said "Wesley keeps telling me how happy he is when the hermanitas come.  He doesn't know why, but he feels good.  He feels motivated."  That, ma'am, would be the spirit and the gospel that he has never had before.  It tends to do that :)

p.s. mom... you might want to skip this part.  or if you keep reading (which i know you will) i warned you.  don't freak.
So we had left in the morning to visit some people and thought about stopping by luvias place to tell her we'd be there right after lunch, but decided not to and just went back to eat.  Here in Guatemala there are a lot of bombs and fireworks going off all the time, so we don't really think much of it when it happens.  I used to laugh about it because it sounds like the Hunger Games when someone dies and a bomb goes off, ya know?
Anyways, we heard some and joked about it and moved on.  There were also some sirens outside but that's normal too, it's usually nothing exciting.  Our member came to get us and we went to find luvia and saw a bunch of people a few houses down the street from our house.  Turns out that Luvia's 24 year old next door neighbor got shot outside of his house in broad daylight in front of a bunch of people.  As far as we know, they don't know who it was, just that they drove by and shot him.   so remember those hunger game shots/bombs at lunch.....?  yeah.  Luvia's kids saw it happen because they are always running around in the street, and we saw him laying there covered.  It was a little eerie but everyone else acted like it was normal and we were super surprised.  A few hours later they moved him and life went on like normal.  All I know is that we were protected.  I already knew that, but that was just another testimony to me.  so thanks for your prayers folks :)  they are very appreciated.  mom, I'M OK!!  just pray for Luvias kids because they told us that it was scary for them and they can't get it out of their minds.  They are 12 and 8.  We told them to read their BOM and they would be able to forget about it.

Later that night we taught a cute 19 yr old girl who was listening to the missionaries about 2 years ago.  She is SO READY to be baptized!!!  She just needs to get work off on sundays.  Pray for Nolvy because she wants to get baptized this month!!!

THE FAMILIA IBARRA WENT TO CHURCH!!!!!  We left them for a while because they weren't doing the things they knew they should, like reading, going to church, and preparing for their baptism.  SO HAPPY.  Also luvia's kids went to church without her.  Pilas

Anyways, don't have time anymore!  I love you all and I love being here!  p.s. WELCOME HOME ELDER PINCOCK!

hermana yates

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