Monday, February 16, 2015

im gettingreallysick of these keyboards

these internet shops...

p.s. happy valentines day :)

-no one got shot this week!
-sophie CONGRATS ongetting your young womanhood medallion!
-erin, so crazy you are goingtohave a baby!!  take pictures!!!!
-Igot the package! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So to say this week was insane would be an understatement.

beingthenurse's companion means that i getto tag alongwith all of the errands she has to make and it'sa good time.  Exceptthisweek.  There were elders calling in the middle of thenight, people having surgeries, insuranceproblems, shoulder problems, other secret problems, running to the plaza and back, and i don't even know what else.  Then at thesametime we were having to plan a Valentines Day activity in the church.  The elders were in charge of the invitations, the other hermanas were in charge of the game, and hermana allen and I....the food and decorating.  are you kidding me??  We recruited the relief society to help with the food and we ended up making 130 rolls from scratch.. .. which I did on a table in the oficina while hermana allen was taking care of health things.  Haha hopefully i have time to send pics because it wasfunny. we also decided to hang a million balloons from the ceiling for decorations because i saw iton pinterest onetime haha.

Saturday cameand we werehoping to quickly decorate after correlation so we could teach..... we endedupbeingthere ALLDAYLONG!  900 balloonslater and we were left alone to try to find a ladderto hang the balloons.  People would comeandgo trying to helpbut notreally doinganything haha. we conseguir'd 2 rickety ladders and got to work.  oneof them wasn't tallenough so we had toputit on a tableto reach haha!  ITwasinsane andprobablyvery dangerous, butwe had tosave Valentines Day!  We ended up havingit done right before the activity was going to start.  It was a crazy night but a good time!

Sorry My fingers are cramping.  gotta stop.loveyou all andlove beinga missionary.  adios

Hermana Yates

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