Monday, November 3, 2014

Joyful...we found them

Waffles with my new comp
Hombre, cómo están?? Estoy tan feliz pero con FRIO!!! esta haciendo bastante frio aqui pero alli vamos.


-An incredibly drunk man kissed my hand the other day. I gave him a word of wisdom pamphlet and told him not to drink anymore.

-Our neighbor who cooks food for us gave us blood to eat. Yes, turkey blood. I couldn't do it. My comp and elders fisher and hernandez ate it and almost threw up.

-Today I was standing up on the bus to go to coban and the bus went over a bump and I caught air... and smashed my head on the roof hahaha. Ouch. It was a little awkward.

- I leave the house in 3 shirts, a sweatshirt, a jacket and a rain jacket, 2 socks and i am FREEZING!!! HELP ME!!!!!!
WHAT A WEEK. I think I say that every week but dang. Okay where to start.....

Starting the week was a little hard. We don't know anyone here and we haven't been able to find a whole lot of people yet. My companion was still recovering from a bad start to the mission and was honestly ready to go home. I told her she can't though :) A few days ago we had a lesson with a member named Jesus. He is 92 years old and fading fast I'm afraid. He is so awesome though and I love talking to him when I can understand his mumbling. We got a whole lot of awesome advice from an old, tired, experienced, wise man.
He told us we need to do things joyfully because we want to serve the Lord, not just because we want His help. I love the word joyfully and it reminds me a whole lot of Mosiah 24 -go read it.He reminded us of our purpose in this life.. 3 Nefi 27:27. Go read it. All He asks us is to be like Him. He gives us the way to do so. He gives us the scriptures, revelation, prayer, repentance. It should not be a sacrifice to do as He says and live how He asks.This man is an example of a convert truly converted. He was receiving missionary lessons when he was 50 years old and was baptized. As he was crying, he told us how much he regrets not looking for God before because he feels like he lost so much time. He has such a strong testimony though. He never thought he would be able to stop smoking, drinking, and using bad language, but the day the missionaries invited him to do so, he never did it again.He told us that we need to knock on every door with so much faith and hope. Some people may not have been ready to accept the gospel before, but now they can be. He was one of them. He gave us motivation and a pick up that we needed after a long week.
That Halloween night something very interesting happened. We were walking to an appointment and both of us started feeling very odd. We expressed that we felt weird and something was wrong. After talking about it for only 3 seconds I had the most overwhelming rushing feeling go from my head to my feet, stopping me in my tracks. Something saying, STOP. DON'T KEEP WALKING. TURN AROUND. I couldn't take another step forward. We immediately turned around and went straight to the house. We don't know what was waiting for us down that road but I am glad I didn't find out. That was the strongest influence of the Spirit protecting us. We got back to the house and dropped to our knees and prayed to feel comfort and peace in the house and were so grateful for the protection we had.
Then fast Sunday came. We were so ready to fast and receive blessings in this area. We had talked to our district leader, Elder Fisher the previous night about how we wanted to find a solid new investigator. Someone who would really progress. He said he would pray so hard for us and we were definitely praying for it as well. He promised us we would find that person that Sunday and he wanted a text message when we found them. So after church we set out determined. We went knocking and knocking and knocking...... and knocking............... and knocking...... Every house we were so convinced that they would be the ones. "This is the house!! Esta casa! Vamos a encontrar los escogidos aqui. Estoy segura." Nope. Next house.. nope. It was then 6:30 and we hadn't found our person yet. We found another street and I decided we should use the name of a less active who lives close to find out where they live and to find new people. We chose a random door and knocked. A man and his wife and cute kids came to the window and asked us how he could help us. We asked if he knew the less active, and turns out his wife knew. They helped us find the house and then we asked if we could share a message with them. They let us in!!! We were so stoked! A family!! It was a good lesson and they are super pilas. As we left the house we tried to walk away calmly.. but as soon as they shut the door behind us we started yelling and jumping around and hugging so happy! We also might have started singing "There can be miracles! When you believe!" haha first thing we did was send a message to elder Fisher.. Found los escogidos :) His reply.. I have been waiting for that message all day long. Yeah it was pretty dope.
We learned a lot about listening to the spirit this week. And the power of prayer. And the power of fasting. I love being una misionera.
Love you all to death. Read your book of mormon right now if you havent yet today.


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