Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Worlds Worst Keyboard

So yeah I am using the worlds worst keyboard, so I will probably spend more time sending pictures than writing.

Thank you for the pictures you sent-
Lily's princess dress!!  haha I'm dying.
Mama, are those flower pants i see??  rockinit. Tell Hannah Barlow hi and i love her!
Porter is a dang cutie freak..
Cute picture of all of you and the Caten family. Aw love the Catens.
-I HAVE PARASITES AGAIN!  woooooooo.... round 6 and I'm dying.  The nurse is mad and wants to send me home but I protested enough to stay for now..
Me and Hermana Weicks
Legit she is mad haha. The last time i got a parasite she threatened to send me home the next time.  Well now I got another one and i DONT KNOW HOW.  I quote her text she sent me.. "But Hermana Yates.... you have GOT to be careful what you are eating.  You are one of the missionaries that has had the most parasites of anyone in the mission.  It is going to give you lasting health problems if you are not careful."
The problem is I don't eat weird things.  I don't know what to do anymore.
-We went to the zoo today!  Pictures to come
-I finished the Book of Mormon. :)  Love that book.
Well I just realized I don't have anything to say really.  Haha I'm happy, sick, and working!  It has been really pretty the past few days and it is a nice break from the bitter cold.  We are finding new people to teach and I hope things pick up soon.
Touching the monkey
I love you all so much.  Be safe and be happy and don't forget to read your Book of Mormon.  Go read it right now.
Hermana Yates

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