Monday, October 27, 2014

Fasten your Seatbelts

First things first, SHOUTOUT TO PO!!!!!  Happy Birthday to the coolest little brother in the world.  Even though you're not very little anymore :(  I love you to death.  Comin home in July, wait for me.
"If you think things are going well in your life right now, just you wait."
I was reading those blog entries mom sent me a few days ago and saw that quote by Elder Nelson but didn't think much of it.  Until the next day.. but let's just back up a few days because it's been quite a week.
A few days ago we decided to find out just how far our area goes, because it is huge.  We walked and walked and walked in the jungle and after an hour and a half we decided we had walked all the way to Polochic.  A few minutes later we found a road and a few houses and a bunch of guys working!  We ran up to them to ask where we were and found a member sitting there laughing at our confused faces haha.  Turns out Hermana Pape, a member who always leaves with us, lives there and hadn't had visits from the missionaries for about a year.  We ate lunch with her and turns out she had about 8 references for us of guys who work on the cars there with her husband.  We taught one and it was an amazing lesson and he really is going to progress!  It was such a blessing.  Coincidence?  I think not.
Later that night Bishop Coy called us and asked if we would go to a funeral of a woman in the ward, who also turns out to be our investigator's mother in law.  It was definitely a different experience.  We all entered this tiny room and waited for it to start.  Half of us were members and half weren't, including her children.  The funeral was bittersweet for the members and devastating for non members.  Or maybe more confusing for them... I can't imagine going to funerals of family members and friends without the knowledge of what happens next.  It would be like stopping a movie at the saddest part when things go wrong- you would never know how much better it gets.  There is a happier ending than we can imagine.  That night I saw a lot of reflecting in the eyes of the non members as members testified of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I think sometimes God presents us with desperate moments and humbling experiences to enable us to take a step back and think.  Reevaluate.  There was a heavy feeling there, but the Spirit, to me, was easily distinguishable from the dark as testimonies were born.  I hope our investigator was not only listening to the speakers, but to the Spirit there that night.
Friday: Road trip anyone????
Hello Salama!  We got on a bus for 2 hours to go to Salama because Hermana De la Rosa had to go to the doctor.  We got on the bus in the rain early in the morning and headed off!  As we drove it kept getting warmer and sunnier.  Salama is full of sun and palm trees and it is very different from Coban!  The clothes, people, climate, everything.  It was so refreshing.  Funniest parts of the day..
1. The pitstop along the way.  13 people crowded the little van door shouting all sorts of things that they were selling- gum, peanuts, cookies, limes, chili, and who knows what else.  I died laughing as they were all pushing, shoving, and yelling. 
2. The bus got stuck in muddy grass and we all had to get out so they could push it.  I think it's because I was sitting in the back.  And I'm fat.
3. The stares.  We got off the bus and walked straight into a market.  It felt like my first day again haha!  It was a nice refresher because all the weird things have become too normal.

As we were coming home on the bus late that night I pulled out those blog entries that you sent me mom.  About that young mom whose husband has cancer.  She is so inspiring and I loved reading her entries for the 5th time over.  That's when I read that quote that I started with,  "If you think things are going well in your life, just you wait."  She then talked about how we are given changes and trials in order to improve.  I just thought, Oh that's so true!  Ok cool.  Then moved on with my life.  I think it is a little ironic that I was so happy that day and at such peace with my life in Coban 3B. 
Nothing can change now, I thought........ then the next morning BAM.  I get a phone call from President.
"Hermana Yates!  Are you ready for changes?"
"Well get ready and pack your bags because you have changes.  You're going to San Cristobal."
"Are you serious?"
"Haha yes I'm serious."
"Uhhh... okay..??  When?"
"We will be by to get you in an hour."
Freak.  No.  Emergency transfers.  Once again, first thing I do is start crying hahaha.  I was so sad thinking about everyone here!  All the investigators progressing, my Marisol who we baptized, and all the recent converts and members here.  No!  I can't leave!  After a few more phone calls from President and Hermana Curtiss, I found out that I would be training again.  But PLOT TWIST!  She's from Utah.  Hahaha I just said, "Hermana Curtiss, she doesn't speak spanish does she...?"  "No, but you do Hermana Yates."  "Hermana Curtiss no I don't!!"  "Yes you do, and you can do this Hermana Yates.  Trust in the Lord!  Trust in Him with all your heart."  Oh okay, well I can't protest to that.  "Okay Hermana Curtiss, thank you."  A little while later I was off in a taxi.
Hermana Weicks was 4 weeks into her training with another sister who was really disobedient.  Things got really crazy in their area and that's why I got transfered so quickly because they had to get the sister and an elder away from each other as fast as possible haha.  So me and all my bags are now in San Cristobal and it is SO PRETTY.  Neither of us know the area so we have just been contacting a lot to find new investigators.  There is a pretty lake and not as many stairs.  It is way too freezing at night though, I sleep in my sweats, two socks, a shirt and jacket and I wake up colder than ice.  I think I'll be buying some more jackets  :)  and gloves.  and a hat......
I think things will go well in this area!  As long as I can understand the people haha.  Pray for me.
I love you all!
No Empty Chairs

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