Monday, October 20, 2014

"Happy Birthday ya old fart"

Soph, I know I'm an old fart now.  Thanks for reminding me...
Feliz cumpleaños a mi.......
We have changes in a week and I will be so sad if I have changes!  I love so many things about this area.  I want to help this area improve so badly.  Word on the street is that if the church continues to grow here, there will soon be a temple in Coban.  Downside:  Satan knows that too.  He is working harder than ever here in Coban, I think.  The whole mission is pretty discouraged, but we keep working hard.  President was talking about it in our zone conference.  He related it to the battles in the Book of Mormon.  Right now we aren't exactly winning the battle, but we aren't falling back either.  Right now we are retaining the line, but we have to come up with battle strategies in order to win.  We have all come up with new plans in order to accomplish 2x more, with our zone leaders and district leaders as our "Captain Moroni" and "Teancum."  We all hope to see this work improve, and I really hope to see the work improve in my area, Coban 3b!
Family thanks for celebrating for me.  While you ate my special birthday dinner, I ate dry Life cereal for dinner.  Livin large in Guatemala right??
Well don't be mad, but I don't have time to write anything else haha.  Love you all!

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