Monday, September 22, 2014

I'm on top of the world

Like Imagine Dragons once said.. I'm on top of the world HEY!
-No one died outside our house this week.
-Remember how in the movie The Notebook the happy couple dies together holding each other all cute?  I saw the same thing the other day but this couple was passed out drunk in the street... funniest thing ever but not quite as cute...
-We are celebrating Christmas in September.  The other day we had to answer every single phone call by saying "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"  We had a lot of our investigators and members hanging up thinking they called the wrong number. Hahaha
-There was a power out the other night when we were working in the most dangerous part of our area.. I have never been in such complete darkness!  It was pretty scary but super fun too haha.  We just climbed the mountain stairs in the rain until we found our investigators house and eventually the lights went back on
-I'm getting really good at hand washing clothes.  I think I will continue that when I get home.
Bye bye Hermana Lopez
I have a new companion :)  We received a phone call on tuesday morning during our companionship study saying that my companion would be headed home on a plane on wednesday.  Ok we still have a day then right?  Well she was headed to Guatemala City in a few hours.  She should probably start packing.  Yeah it was an interesting day.  I went with the senior couple in the offices to take her to the bus stop, and there she went!  I spent the rest of the day with them and then the next few days I was in a trio with my sister leaders.
Luckily President called me on Saturday morning and said I would be getting a companion that night!  They were going to have me stay with my leaders until changes next week but my area is just about dead now.. so they split up a trio and now my companion is Hermana Fernandez.  She is from Mexico City and she is a sweetheart.  Super nice, 4 months on the mission, and happy to be here.  She talks a whole lot and I can't really understand her but yanno, I have a companion so I'm good!!
Narda and Daniela
While I was with the hermanas I had to be with them in their area unless I had a member to work with in my area.  I was super scared at first to do divisions with just me and a member because I still don't trust my spanish very well, but I had awesome members to leave with.  Elder Wixom will understand because I left with Narda and Daniela :)  They're my freaking favorites.  (p.s. mom accept them on facebook, they're getting impatient haha)  I have realized throughout these past few weeks training and then leaving with the members that I actually do know more spanish than I thought.  I can do more than I thought, and my investigators can understand my accent if I say the question enough times haha :)  Wow, I really can talk to them and joke around with them!
My new comp Hermana Fernandez
After 5 pretty crappy days, my week ended with a solid Saturday and a solid Sunday.  I don't even know why but I was so happy.  I was smiling like crazy, saying buenas tardes to everyone in the street and not caring if they didn't want to say anything back, and I have found a new excitement for the work.  I am developing strong relationships with the members who had bad experiences with a former companion.  We are seeing miraculous changes in our recent converts.  One gave a talk in church yesterday and I started crying I was so happy.  This man used to get in fights all the time, hates white shirts and ties, has tattoos, and a temper.  Seeing him up on the stand with his white shirt ironed and his tie tied perfect, talking about Faith was one of the coolest experiences of my mission.  We also talked to another recent convert yesterday, Regina.  She stopped going to church for a while because she was offended.  Talking to her was so awesome because she has a newfound desire to worship every Sunday, no matter who is there.  She knows why she goes to church, and Who she goes to church for.  She has a lot of problems in her life but she sees the hand of the Lord working miracles in her life and in the life of her husband and in their marriage.  The church has saved their marriage and they are working to get to the temple.
Yo freaking amo este evangelio.
Y mi familia :)  [I freaking love this gospel. And my family]

Be safe, be happy, take pictures, send them to me, eat salad because I can't.
Peace and blessins
Hermana jets....?  it just gets weirder and weirder

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