Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hi stress

Waterfall Chilasco
Well I have about 5 minutes to write.  We just got back from a super sweet zone activity.  We went hiking all day long in rain and mud to see a waterfall!  A few of us almost died, myself included, but it was a blast.  So I will be brief even though I have so crazy much I want to say.
-Changes are tomorrow.  I will be in a trio with h. fernandez and h. de la rosa.  Yikes.  But hey, who knows, it could be great!!  
-We had interviews with President and it was great.  Hermana Curtiss got mad at me because I am not drinking water, but I'm getting better.
-I think I have parasites again
-I'm about to hit 7 months what.....
-I got to watch the womens' session in spanish and it was wonderful :)
 I literally have no time haha so sorry.  I am learning so much, growing, and appreciating my Savior more and more every day.  I love being here.

Mud sliding--the best part
is the girls falling in the back.
I face planted so many times.
Gotta go, love you all so so so so so so much. 
Love the ward and miss everyone there.
Love the grandparents and i am so sorry i don't have time to write them.
Tell Britt congrats!
Tell everyone i love them and hug every single one of them for me.  Im expecting pictures of you hugging them in my place.

Hermana Yates
Coming back ha ha ha.  I'm broken
and almost lost my shoe.
So dirty

Making elite.  So good.

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