Monday, September 15, 2014

Fresh Outlooks

Happy Independence Day!
last night...
Happy Independence Day Guatemala!!  Woooooo I can't hear because everyone is obsessed with bombs here woooo!!!
I am still with my companion but I am pretty sure she is headed home tomorrow.  I hope so, for her sake, as well as the salvation of our investigators hahaha.  We have had to abandon a lot of our investigators because she can't go to their houses without having a whole lot of problems.  It's frustrating but it's okay.
A little over a year ago someone special to me mailed me a notebook.  They wrote on the first page that the notebook was for me to write down happy moments, spiritual experiences, things that make me laugh, and pretty much anything positive so when things get tough I will have a bunch of blessings on paper to read.  Yesterday I was writing down some blessings and I'll share what I wrote.
Jessica - my favorite little girl
This is the most precious lady ever...
"Today I am grateful for new perspectives.  Fresh outlooks.  I just passed my 6 month mark in my mission.  I have seen the powerful effect of positivity and new beginnings, in my life and in the lives of many others.  Time and time again, I have found myself losing motivation.  Some days I just want to be at home with my family, and the weight of that longing is heavy on my heart.  As I have prayerfully sought for help, I have been so grateful for days that don't feel so heavy.  For days when I am okay being here instead of at home.  For renewed motivation, even if it is just for a few hours.  The little tender mercies have big effects."

Outside the church with Marta,
recent convert
"I have also seen how important fresh outlooks are in the lives of people here in Guatemala, especially with recent converts.  People are carrying heavy loads and have had every sort of trial.  I am touched by the extreme gratitude they have found to know that there are better things ahead and that they can keep their heads up in times of difficulty.  There are always blessings.  There is always hope.  There are always good days and there is always Someone Who will help us find a better view."
I love you all and I hope you will keep your faces to the sunshine.
No Empty Chairs

Painting a kitchen, E Lopez, E Clark,
H Fought, H Allen, me, H Lopez

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