Monday, September 8, 2014

A wild week

I asked my comp if she thinks that every companionship of missionaries has assigned angels to be with them.  Like a calling or something.  She responded by saying, "I just really hope our angels have umbrellas and rain boots..."
The rain season has come.
p.s. Isaac just remember you aren't allowed to get married k? k cool thanks.
-OH MAN, STORY TIME.  Someone totally got shot outside of our house.  At like 2 in the morning someone outside our window started yelling "Ladron!!!  Ladron!!! Te voy a matar!"  (aka thief, thief, imma kill you).  These two guys went running, the thief and the victim, and the victim shot a bunch of times and totally killed him.  Whaaa.  Worst part is... I was asleep through all of it.  I sleep like a rock in the mission, I'm always so tired.  My comp witnessed all of it and was too scared to wake me up.  Fun times in the mish right?  I'm so mad I missed it.  Well, kind of...
-The churches here sing and party all day long.  If you want to hear what they sound like... watch Finding Nemo when Dory is speaking whale and add a little marimba and trumpets in the background.  Doesn't quite do it justice, but you'll get the general idea.
-This little girl in the family of our recent converts has to check my eyes every 32 seconds to see if they are still green.. yeah I don't think they are going to change anytime soon darlin.
-Went to the doctor again today.. still nothing.  I think I am dying but the mission nurse/missionary is convinced I'm okay.. aight.
Getting right to the facts again.... my comp is probably headed home this week.  I don't really know what is going to happen.  She has been having heart problems and can't sleep and almost passes out all the time.  We can't teach very much because all of our investigators live high up in the mountains and we have to climb 200 stairs for every lesson... The doctor says she has to do some pretty crazy testing and she decided she would rather go home and do the tests right now rather than waiting 3 more weeks.  It kinda sucks and I'm going to miss her a lot, but I'm really worried about her health, especially in our area.  So next week I'll probably have a new comp and who knows where I'll be.  Hopefully in my same area..
We had a lesson that rocked my world a little bit...  We have an investigator who is pretty set on converting us and teaching us instead of us teaching her... haha.  She knows a whole lot about the bible and likes to argue haha.  This past week she got super mad about Joseph Smith, no one can see God, Jesus is the only priest that will ever exist, and she completely lost it when we said that John the Beloved never died.......  Her accusations and remarks and yelling were about all I could handle.  It really threw me for a loop.  It has been a wild week haha but imma make it through.
I love you all family :)
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