Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What is time?

March 25, 2014


The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Time is so cruel here it makes zero sense haha.  I'm halfway done with the mtc.  What?  I'm so confused.  

Well another week in the mission means another week of highs and lows.  The new nortes make me feel like a wise old woman when it comes to mtc life and spanish. I have the most amazing teachers who help me in ways that no other person could.  Time and time again I write down what they say because they just know how to touch my heart.

"I love you. Because you are representatives of Christ.  I wish I could be where you are but I can't.  Our time is over.  Cherish this.  Enjoy it and be the best you can be.  The Lord will qualify you."  

"Fear is not from God"

"Jump to the sharks every time.  Every time you can.  You are my heros.  You are going to make billions of mistakes.  Start today."  

I am so grateful for them and the way they listen to the Spirit to know exactly how to help us and prepare us. My teacher, Sister Alvarado added me on facebook, accept her!!  She is the cutest person ALIVE. AHH I'm obsessed with her.

I'm glad you got that picture!  Elder Burningham was randomly there to take pictures because they are about to rededicate the CCM (MTC).  So he got your email to help me send a you a picutre!  We can't take pictures in the MTC so I haven't had my camera yet.

My CCM President is President Cox.  He's The Man.  We are the most strict MTC in the world, literally, so it is hard at times because we are always in trouble for something.  We can't even hug our own companions anymore.  But he has good intentions.  We get a lot of one on one time with him and his wife, considering
there are only 60 of us here haha.  Every Sunday night we get to go to their apartment upstairs and have a personal devotional with the nortes and get cookies and stuff haha.

I love the scriptures so much. There are days where I feel completely worthless here.  It's obvious that I struggle with spanish and always need individual, specific help.  But the scriptures bring me so much peace and hope no matter what I am feeling.  I take my book of mormon with me every morning and
set it on the elipticle thing and read while I run 2 miles haha.  You do what you gotta do here, since there is no time to study for your personal enjoyment.  Actually, let me rephrase that, there is no time to do anything period.

I thought about how important the book of mormon is for our investigators.  If you were walking to a lesson and Alma saw you and said, "Can I come?"  "Well YEAH.  You should teach the lesson while you're at it."  At the end of the lesson, you say, "We have to go now but here is Nephi and he wants to talk to you, okay?"
We have the testimonies of the most incredible prophets.  We should take every chance we have to share that with those who don't have it yet.  

Things I learned this week:
1. Joseph Smith is my hero.  I am just starting to learn how amazing that prophet was.
2. Ice cream for every meal is always a good option.
3. Spanish is muy dificil but I can do it.
4.Christ is my anchor.  I love Him.  

I love my family and I love being a missionary.  I'm sorry I didn't have time to write more. There were a lot of emails to read!  Until next week familia!  

Much love!  
Hermana Yatés

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