Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Familia!  Greetings from Guatemala!!  After a long night of flying and no sleep... I. Am. Exhausted.  We got a 2 hour nap when we got here,slept in the same clothes, and got woken up to go to class!  Honestly,I hardly remember driving to the CCM because I was so out of it.  It seems like forever ago.  We have eaten weird food, listened to our CCM presidents, and learned some spanish!  I hear we will be able to go to sleep early tonight, so fingers crossed that it's not just a rumor! Sorry I don't know how to enter to a new line.. these keyboards are super weird..!  I LOVE YOU GUYS.  
I didn't have much time to be sad because we went to find our flight and started talking.  The other hermana with us also went to USU and she went to Belize with Hefy two summers ago!  So crazy.  Also Elder Breinholt passed on the message to my teacher here to tell me hi!  I wish I could write a huge paragraph in spanish already and blow your minds but I am struggling to learn the alphabet still.  At least we got to go outside and play basketball to try and learn the alphabet better!  It's going to be a long day haha.  There are about 10 american hermanas here and a lot of latino hermanas and elders.  As we have been learning spanish it is already hard not to get discouraged.  The other people I am with know a lot more than I do to begin with but I'm not going to compare myself to them!  It will come with time and sleep haha.  It is not very pretty here.  The city is dirty, noisy, and chaotic.  I was sitting in the back of the car of a lady who picked us up from the airport and I really thought I had flown all that way just to die on the way to the CCM.  The weather is so beautiful though!  It is so perfect outside. There are purple and pink trees and mountains covered in trees that make the city a little more bearable.  Sorry this is so scattered, I didn't know we would be writing so I didn't think about what I wanted to say!  I can't find anything in my bags haha.  Luckily we get time tonight to unpack.  I won't get my camera until my second p-day so sorry I won't be uploading pictures for a while!  Oh p.s. we were talking to a man in the airport from Guatemala and he is lds and was nice to talk to but he said that the doctors made a huge mistake by taking out my gallbladder because I could just eat pineapple to cure gallstones?  Yeah I don't really know haha people here are interesting but very nice!  I don't care if you post this letter or not.. haha it's all over the place but I just wanted to tell you all I'm okay!  A little scattered but I'll be good :)  I love you all and I hope you are happy happy happy!  Talk to you soon I think..?  -Hermana Yates

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