Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Como se whaaaaat.....??

What. A. Week.
I feel like I've been here for a lifetime.  It is amazing though, I love it here.  It's so great to see the same people all the time.  I am one of 15 nortes (north americans).  The latino people are awesome!!!  So loving and so nice.  I don't have a lot of time.  First off, mom when you send packages, don't put Jesus or the Virgin Mary on them!! And put my whole name, Hermana Morgan Yates. Sorry my enter key isnt working again.  

We are teaching a real investigator!!  It makes me so nervous because I don't speak Spanish very well but he is so patient with us.  And yes, we teach in SOLO ESPANOL.  The first lessons I didn't feel like I offered much but last night was amazing.  Let me tell you, the gift of tongues is so real. We taught an amazing lesson in spanish and had so many things brought to our minds to say to him that he needed to hear.  We all left the lesson and just cried and prayed together hahaha.  I have never felt that kind of happiness!  we were all smiling from ear to ear the rest of the day.  I got a small glimpse of what is possible with the Lord on your side.  

The food here is really good most of the time and then every once in a while it's hard to swallow.  I never knew that I was a picky eater until I got here..... Everyone here is so nice though! They bring me a custom made bowl of fruit every day because I'm allergic to everything haha.  They give you SO MUCH FOOD though. Haha my skirts get a little tight after every meal because we have to eat it all.  Of course we all get ice cream after because no self control.  Ice cream always wins.  

Sacrament meeting is in spanish so we all sit with blank stares on our faces and try to sing in spanish.  I forgot my hymn book that day so I was the only one singing in english.  I have already learned so much though.  The hermanas leaving next week already know so much so it gives me hope!  

I had a day that was pretty hard.  I am sooo not good at learning spanish.  It's frustrating to see everyone around me succeeding and understanding when I'm clearly not, but I'm trying to be patient with myself.  In my district of 7 people we have a range from very humble to very prideful.  It's tough sometimes to bite my tongue and not say anything to the elders who need a little help getting off their high horse.  I'm in a trio companionship.  It's super awesome sometimes and really really trying at other times. My companions are Hermana Pack and Hermana Wise.   Hermana Wise is a sweetheart.  A talkative, huggy, sweetheart haha.  She definitely carries us on most of the lessons.  She has been waiting  for this her whole life!!   We all went to usu before this, how crazy is that?   

Lessons learned this week: 
1. When you are sleepy.. skittles are LIFESAVERS. 
2. patience is a virtue  
3. prayer is amazing  
4. BE BOLD  
5. dilligence, faith, and obedience = miracles.  

The Lord sends tender mercies right when we need them the most.  My night time teacher gave a lesson a few nights ago right before bed.  At the end, he stopped and said, Heavenly Father is so proud of you.  He knows you are here and he is so proud.  After months of confusion and unsurety, in that moment I knew I am where I am supposed to be.  I just knew it.  In the temple today I felt the same thing.  "What are tender mercies?  They are very personal and individualized blessings.  They are blessings of strength, protection, assurances, guidance, loving kindness, consolation, support, and spiritual gifts.  They do not occur randomly or merely by coincidence.  Faithfulness and obedience enable us to receive these important gifts."  

I haven't read all of your letter yet mom, I'll send answers to questions if I need to as I go back and read.  We just have no time.  So please try not to send long letters. I had to write this before I got here.  I wanted to impress you with my testimony in spanish but I just don't have time.  Next time ;) 

Haha try to make my letter into paragraphs so it is easier for other people to read!!!  This keyboard is impossible to figure out.  I love you all so much.  I hope you are doing well!  I keep randomly finding letters in my bags and scriptures and they make my day.  I have the best family ever!!!!  

Love youuuuuu.  

-Hermana Yates <3

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