Monday, August 17, 2015


-This morning we got up at 4:40 to run to the Island Flores to see the sunrise with 4 other sisters.  SO BEAUTIFUL!!  It was so perfect.
-2 days without water makes for 2 smelly sister missionaries....... awk.
-That awkward moment when I have to buy things for that special time of the month and I have to put everything on the counter at the grocery store... in front of all the elders.  awk x2.
-We ate with some members the other day and their pet parrott casually walked on to my plate and started eating my food with me. And they really didn't seem to care at all. awk.3.
-Today we went to a zoo!  It's really like a huge jungle and you have to walk a few miles to find a cage with an animal.  Haha it was fun!
Well family, today I have to write my goals to send in to President, so I will probably just send a bunch of pictures and start my goals!  But quick cool experience!
We are teaching our neighbors and they are super sweet.  The mom, Olga Marina, can't read and it's kinda hard for her to understand.  The other day we were trying to explain about the Book of Mormon and she wasn't quite getting it.  I decided that she just needed to see what the book is like and hear a story to understand.  We read half of 3 nefi 11 to her and it was an amazing experience!  As we read we helped her understand the story and she started interpreting it before we did!  We felt the Spirit and she was able to understand very well.  I am SO grateful for the Spirit because he helps us learn, understand, remember, and feel.  I was grateful for the inspiration He gave me to help Olga Marina have a spiritual experience.  She and her son came to church with us yesterday for the first time and they enjoyed it!  Her son, Juan Luis, is 20 and we gave him a Book of Mormon the other day and left him the introduction to read... he ended up reading to 2nd nephi!!  PILAS.  We are excited for them!
Also Rosalydia got baptized!!!  She was so cute and it was a great night!
Love you all!
Hermana Yates

Making tortillas

District Conference

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