Monday, July 20, 2015

watch out for those lizards...


-so this morning a lizard attacked me right after I woke up
-the other day I was just minding my own business using the restroom and a lizard pooped on me from the ceiling.  nice
-i accidentally stepped on a lizard and killed it.. or so i thought.  It resurrected.
-I have h pylori or whatever that is.  looks like I'll be spending a bit of pisto on meds today wooooo
-these days the roads are steaming because it rains and doesn't cool off
-hna blanca (the lady that feeds us) says hi
-I had to give the closing prayer in sacrament meeting yesterday.  I was already naseous from my illness and put nerves on top of that I thought I was going to pass out on the way up or something.  But hey everything went great

So sorry I didn't write last week..... I had enough time to read everyone's letters and I was writing mine when the power went out in internet.. again.  But I'm alive!  No worries shannie!  Sounds like you all had a good time at the family parties!

This last week we had interviews with President and Hermana Curtiss and the Assistants.  It was so great to see them!  I was so used to seeing them all the time in Coban so it was a real treat to have them here in Peten for a few days.  President was also able to interview some of our investigators who will be baptized next week because there are some kind of sketchy situations so it was perfect timing.

Marvin, Sheralin, Conner, and Ismenia will be getting baptized next week!  They are a super awesome family and we are excited for them.  Marvin has a hard time concentrating and usually the lessons are 90% story time 10% teaching.... but hey things are coming along slowly but surely.  Haha he has had a crazy life but is super awesome because he is raising his 3 kids alone.  Guys don't do that here in Guatemala.  President was impressed and was already ready to sign his baptismal papers!

Lately I have been reading the first and second books of Nephi and PUCHICA Nephi is my freaking favorite.  I have read those books no se cuantas veces (I don’t know how many times) but this time has been really special for me.  He is an amazing example of obedience, charity, knowledge, service, forgiveness, and has a beautiful, unshaking testimony of Christ.  I love the Book of Mormon and I know it is true scripture.

Les amo mucho.  Ya se que estoy en mi ultimo cambio pero no lo quiero acceptar.  entonces gracias por no recordarme tanto.  Son los mejores.  Yo amo estar aqui, yo amo a estos chapines, y yo se que estas ultimas semanas van a ser muy especiales.  hasta la otra semana!  cuidense mucho!!!
I love you very much.  I already know this is my last change but I don’t want to accept it.  Therefore, thanks for not reminding me so much.  You guys are the best.  I love being here, I love these people, and I know that these last weeks are going to be very special.  Until next week.  Take care of yourself!
Hermana Yates

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