Monday, January 19, 2015


hi i have a lot to say butmy spacebar doesn't workvery well soimight get bored after awhile sorry!

-so.... what happens whenmy danskos fall apart...?  i think they'reon theverge but the ladies in the sister missionarymall toldmetheywould lastmywholemission... todavía me falta mucho tiempo!!
We made a nativity. Guatemalan style.
-hahahahaha ohmy imdying at that video clip! send a million videosplease 
-thank you sueann!!! those cookies were so good!!!

We FINALLY got to start the restoration with Luvia afterteaching the lawof chastity for a few months.  No her boyfriend isn't gone yet, and noheis not a good person. We found out somestuff abouthimyesterday.......butit's the kind of stuff that they say not to write home tomomabout haha so il wait on that one. sorry!  but anyways, they understand it and her kids areso pilas!  we changedtheir baptismal dateto february so they havemoretimetolearn because les cuesta entender but it will be SWEET

So recently the church has changed the way they are doing things here inlatinamerica. they wantthemtobe self sufficient and paytheir tithing and fast offerings,which almostnoonedoeshere.  Now, themissionaries herehave topayas much as we do in the u.s.  ....which meansthatno one here can affordto go on missions.  itis so sad because there are many who are waiting fortheir calls orwho were going tosendtheirpapers in andnowthey can't go because they don'thave close to enough money.  Itmakesmesosad to know howamazingthemission is and think of all the experiences they could have and they mightnot be abletogo..

White elephant office Christmas party
hermano Jeronimo Amaya has been an investigator for a little over a year.  He has gonetochurch inhis whiteshirt , tie, nice pants, nice shoes, andbackpack full of manuals and scriptures and a hymnbook faithfully for a year. if you didn'tknowhim you'd thinkhe was a member!  He has been nervous togetbaptized andhas alwayswanted towait, mainly becausehis family isn'tprogressing ashe is.  Hiswifecouldnotbe moreopposed toit,actually.  We havealwaysinvitedhimtobaptism buthe alwayswantedtowait.  until the othernight :):):)
as soon aswe sat down tohaveourlessonwith himtwonights ago, he said, Hermanas, ihave something iwanttosharewith you.  On the13th, iprayed and openedmy bible and read ascriptureaboutnot fearing.  Iloveditsomuch.  

wewere a littleconfused butsaid, that'sgreat thatyoulikedthatscripture! 

thenhe says,but thenon the 14thIprayed again andi opened my bookof mornonto arandom pageandstartedreading. Iopenedto Ether 4. Iloveverse 18.  ((go read it))
We got thebiggestsmiles and asked why heloveditsomuch.  hesaid thatheknew thatit washisanswer. That he couldn'tignore itanylonger.  He knew he had to bebaptized andhe had todoit soon.  It wassoso special and Hermanaallen andi were crying and congratulating him. ....then his wife came storming in.  walking back and forth inthe room and pointing athimshe yelled that she did notsupporthim inhis decision de ser bautizado.  She never hoped it would happen, they got married in the catholic church, and thatthe day he got baptized shewould divorce him. then shestomped upthestairs and slammed thedoor. uhhhhhhhhhh...awkward.  he apologized, butinsistedon being baptized.  he was stillin church on sunday and saidhewants tobebaptizedtoset theexample for hisfamily.  we arefastingforhim today in hopes that tonight he wil accepta baptismal date!  prayforhim!!

oki gotta go, this keyboard iskillingme.
love you all!

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