Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Old Guatemala

I love you!  Crazy experience, I was walking through the market in my area this morning and it is chaotic.  We were trying to get through to get to the bus to go to Coban like we do every pday and a woman stopped me.  "Hermana Gringa!!"  We get talking.. turns out she is Andres Morales' aunt!!  haha!  She wants us to come visit her one of these pdays in Coban! 

So this week flew by and I have a lot to say, and at the same time nothing to say haha.  I'll try not to be too scattered.

-I was in an earthquake.  We were watching the best two years last p-day and everything just started swaying and shaking haha.  It was only about 10 seconds though but still cool!
-New shoutout from guys on their bikes:  "AYY MI AMORRRRR!!!"
How I feel about taking cold, bucket showers
 and leaving the house like this
-I understand a whole lot of spanish... next task: speaking
-I used to love showing people pictures of my family, but now I dread it because every time, they either tell me I'm a lot fatter here, or I used to be a lot fatter.  Haha they ask, "Why are you more ugly here?"  Good question my friend.....
-We were doing service for a less active member and she wouldn't let me work because she wanted my hands to stay pretty.  Also she is always talking about how I need to find a good husband because I am very talented and "linda" hahaha
-Apparently I talk and make my bed in my sleep...
Sometimes I feel like Joseph Smith must have felt with all of the churches preaching all around.  There is a church on every corner of every street here haha.  There are often explosions going off inside, kekchi ladies screaming prayers, all of them blast music so loud you can hear it from miles away, and they all have opinions about mormons.  People here say the craziest things about mormons!  Along with a lot of rumors, they tell the people how evil we are and not to talk to us.  So we spend the days greeting everyone and calling "buenas tardes"  outside of every home, to no avail.  Yesterday, was a long day in the rain.  We were tired of being the bad guys in Chamelco, people not answering when we can clearly hear them in their houses, sending their kids out to say "my mom says she's not here", running and hiding, and yelling at us.  As we were soaked and wondering what to do, we came to a house and a woman immediately opened her door and said, "Come in, come in quickly!  You're all wet!"  We had a wonderful lesson with her and she was so nice.  She was so grateful for us and said that we are fulfilling our duty that we promised to fulfill long ago.  Tender mercies are everywhere :)  The hard times just make us that much more grateful for the good times.
I love you all with my whole heart and it is so fun to hear what is going on at home!  Have so much fun on all of your vacations and take lots of pictures!
No Empty Chairs
Hermana Yates

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