Monday, May 26, 2014

Miracles do happen

We had changes this week but no changes for H.Hernandez and I!  Still going strong in my training.  Spanish is coming mama :)

I miss you more than anyone (shhhhh don't tell)
I'm so stoked that you are running for office.  You are gonna kill it.  It's nerve wracking but win or lose, it's a fun experience and you are opening up to new experiences.  So crazy proud of you sis.

Is school over yet or what? Go swimming and eat cup o snow for me because I'm deprived here eating my beans.

Love you!  You look better in my clothes anyways haha.  Miss you!
  • I get a lot of fun shout outs in the street, especially by men sitting with their wives and the police, like "mmmm goot morning" and "goodbye my love!"
  • There are a whole lot of explosions going off all the time.  Like, to the point where they leave my ears ringing.  If I didn't know any better I'd think we were under attack.  World War 3 anyone?
  • My right cheekbone is bruised from kissing so many cheeks.
  • You know a good game of futbol is going on when you're walking down the street and suddenly voices from every house on all sides of you start screaming at the same time haha!  They are crazy about their soccer here.
  • I live in fear of packs of vicious dogs.
  • Everyone here thinks I'm from the Ukraine..?
  • It takes all of my courage every night to turn on the lights in the apartment to see what bugs await us.
  • I have forgotten what skittles taste like.
  • We have been teaching an awesome family, right?  Next thing I know she starts talking about how she witnessed a murder, people are trying to find her and kill her, and she is also a criminal and should be in jail.  Oh okay......uhh..  can I leave please?  We are going to have to stop teaching them unfortunately. ;)
  • Frog update:  We killed it on accident trying to get it out of the house..  and then it was resurrected.  Quite literally.  Not sure where it is now haha!
So once again, I'm gonna tell you all what I have been thinking about this week.  I do a lot of thinking considering I can't talk much haha.  But I was thinking about how interesting it is that the more we learn about the gospel, Christ, and God's eternal perspective, the more inadequate and unworthy we feel to play our part.  It is beautiful.  It is necessary to become humble and start to realize how much we truly rely on God and the miracle of being saved by Christ's grace.  The great prophets of old, including Alma the younger, always taught us to "acknowledge our unworthiness before God at all times."  As we learn more about God's plan and our individual roles we need to play in His plan, we SHOULD feel inadequate.  Whether it is in our missions, callings, or being a contributing member in a family.  (and if you don't ever feel inadequate, props to you for having everything under control ;) ) But the beauty is that we need not allow that feeling of unworthiness lead us to despair- but rather to humility and a willingness to learn, grow, and serve as our weaknesses are turned into strengths.
Also.... Our investigator was baptized on Saturday :)  and that is why I said that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN.  Jeni has been talking to the missionaries for a good long time, but hasn't wanted to be baptized.  The transfer before I got here she decided she was ready to be baptized, but she is having problems with her husband and wants a divorce but he doesn't.  They don't live together, but the process takes so long here, she was planning on having to wait at least 3 years to be baptized.  We talked with President Curtiss and after much prayer and fasting on all of our parts, he decided she can be baptized as long as she is sure she will keep the law of chastity until she is divorced haha.  3 days later she was baptized.  I played the piano and the spirit was amazing.  She bore her testimony and with tears in her eyes, she testified of the prophet Joseph Smith, her role in God's plan, and called us misioneras angels.  I was only here to teach her a small portion of what she knows, but I have been blessed to be a part of her conversion and see her light up every time we talk about her baptism, before and after.  I love this work.
When Elder Ochoa came to our Conference
Family I love you and I miss you.  I am so proud of all of you and your accomplishments you are all having at home!  I have the best family in the world and I don't care who knows it.
No Empty Chairs
Mo Rae

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