Monday, May 12, 2014

HE is constant

Feliz Cumpleaños mi madre!!!  I love you more than life itself and it's perfectly fitting that we celebrate you two days this week.  You deserve to be celebrated every day with cup cakes and balloons and flowers.  And black licorice but only because you like it.  I love you so so much.
Fue bien especial y divertido hablar con ustedes ayer para el dia de madres!  Les estraño mucho!

Mothers day here was interesting, we had a dinner for the madres in the branch and everyone danced, ate nasty food, and hung out!  I even made a pancake in the microwave to celebrate. Woooooooo!
So about our new friend in the apartment..  I told the story on the phone but I'll tell it again.  So the other day I was just reading my book of mormon casually when my companion comes out of the bathroom screaming and yelling things in spanish, as if I could understand her.  She then yells "FROG!!!"  Hahaha then this frog comes hopping out of the bathroom and I saw why she was screaming.  Yes, we have frogs living in our shower.  I was the happiest camper though because I thought it was cute.... Until it disappeared.  Nope, I don't like that one bit.  That night we shut all of the doors so it wouldn't make itself comfortable in our shoes or our beds.. but all night I could hear it crashing around haha!  I was too scared to do anything about it so I was up all night listening to the frog destroying everything in it's path.  The next morning my things on my desk were everywhere and I knew it had a fiesta on my desk in the night.  So who knows where it is now.
District in the CCM
Where is my time machine?  Everyone here tells me "Oh in 3 months you will be fluent",  "oh in 5 months you will understand EVERYTHING",  "oh I'm 9 months in and I still don't understand anything".  Okay people, just get me to the point where I can talk about more than my favorite color.  I was pretty frustrated this past week at the Conference with Elder Ochoa and my mission president pulled me aside and talked to me and gave me a blessing.  He said everything I needed to hear. - I would be blessed with a tremendous amount of confidence.  Heavenly Father desires that I come to Him in prayer to resolve issues in my life and that I should confide in Him and put all my trust in Him as I pray with an open heart.  I will feel the spirit in abundance in my life.  I am called of God to do this work.  I will find the people that I was sent here to find and I will know I have found the people I was supposed to by manifestation of the spirit.  After, president said, "wow, that was a great blessing.  I never know what is going to be said.  Your Heavenly Father loves you."
What I learned this past week is that Heavenly Father is constant.  In all things.  The spirit always testifies of truth and brings peace to our hearts.  I felt my Father's love flow through my heart.  His love is constant and sure.  In a world where so much is temporary, unreliable, and unsure, it is so comforting to know we have a Father in heaven who will never change.  I love Him.
Family I love you and I love hearing about all of your adventures.  Keep them coming!  Hasta Lunes!  Les amo!!

**A note from Mom - We had a wonderful phone call with Morgan yesterday.  She is frustrated with her inability to fully understand and speak the language, but she was in good spirits and has a very positive attitude.  She told us some funny stories, and some tender stories as well.  She told us that in the Conference with Elder Ochoa, she and an Elder sang a beautiful arrangement of If I Could Hie To Kolob.  Who would have thought... She sweetly told us how her appreciation for her family has grown as she has been away and she repeatedly told us that she is very happy:)

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