Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well hey folks.  I have a lot to say, and then again nothing haha.  I don't even know what life is anymore.
SOPHIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!  I freaking love you so much bff, I can't even tell you.  You are the most lovely thing to walk this earth and you look better in my clothes than I do.  So sport them.  I wish I could be there with you for your birthday, but I'll only be a little late for your birthday next year ;)  Love you to the moon and back sissy.
Barrett and Erin, it is so pretty there!!!  Thank you for the pictures!!  You're right Erin, I'd go absolutely crazy there taking pictures..
Fun fact: all my pictures got deleted again.  For real this time.  Sorry mama.
I have a request.  Someone needs to film Isaac's homecoming talk for me.  No, not just a recording of his voice, but a video please :)  I don't care who or how, but it has to be done.  Thank you :)
I got the tapes thank you!!  Dang it is so great to hear your voices.  Should I respond on the one you already used or a new one or both for you and Barrett and Erin....??? idk what to do..
We have a baptism on Saturday!

And yes changes are tomorrow.  I got a call on Saturday night from one of the assistants, Elder Trujillo, when we were walking in the street to buy some food for my comp.  "Hermana Yates!  Quiere saber su cambio?"  ".....no...."  "Pues felicidades Hermana Yates, usted va a entrenar!!!!"  "..............."
I didn't have a single word to say to him.  Then I started bawling in the street.  That was not the phone call I was hoping to get.  I bawled all night long.  I think I'm numb to feeling anything about it now because I cried everything out.
No, I'm not ready.
No, I don't understand spanish.
No, I don't have anything to teach another missionary.
Yes, I'm terrified.
I don't know who I will be training, if she speaks english, spanish, or chinese.  I hope hope HOPE she speaks spanish.  Pray for me.  That's about all folks.
Love you all.

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